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Agatron first started learning Popping in the underground street dance scene in 2002, before social media. She moved to California in 2006, learning Popping with Spacewalker and Locking with Groov Mekanex. In 2008 she met legends Harry Berry and A1 on the back of the bus on their way to Fisherman's Wharf, later becoming a member of the Boogaloo Robotting & Strutting Arts Alliance in 2009 and as a mascot for Richmond Robotting group Plik Plok & The Robonati. That same year, she met Lonnie Pop Tart Green, William Randolph, Willie Shields, Candy Man Dan, Riley Moore, and Granny Robotroid, becoming a graphic designer for BRS and the BRS history card project. The knowledge she learned in early years paved the way for her to start IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company in 2015 and RobotClown with Pennywise, both Strutting crews. Agatron is the first woman to graduate from The Strutters Room in 2020, with her work with IRON LOTUS and with RobotClown, with an intricate duet cane Strutting piece with Pennywise. Strutting is an original inner-city Black dance out of San Francisco, CA with roots in Boogaloo out of Oakland, CA.

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