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Yoga Flow

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Aiyisha Castillo
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Aiyisha fell in love with Yoga because it offered her a practice for being whole. Yoga gave her the opportunity to have a body, mind and soul. The integration of these parts taught her about balance and letting go.

Aiyisha's teaching is imbued with her studies in Child Development, Massage Therapy, and Somatic Psychotherapy. Her strong love for music and dance also influence how she moves through this world. Aiyisha's intention is to show up wholeheartedly on the mat, in her day to day relationships and in her classes. She teaches from a framework that recognizes that we are all whole beings and that sometimes this truth gets clouded by the programming that exists in this world. 

In Aiyisha's classes there will be breath, powerful music, mindful sequences, meditation, and singing. 

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