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Aurelia has absolutely loved teaching at Rae Studios the past few months! For the past 4 years, she taught at Hipline, an all-women’s dance studio in Oakland; styles including hip-hop, jazz, modern, choreography. She has taught a variety of fitness classes over the past 6+ years, including Kickboxing, Dance, and Full Body Workouts. Aurelia has led dance fitness at Hipline’s Shimmy Pop-A-Thon, an annual fundraiser for nonprofits such as Misssey and Oakland Elizabeth House.

Aurelia’s dance background came alive as a kid in Theatre, spurring her to go on and study many kinds of dance, including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and Latin styles. She has taught dance in L.A., the Bay Area, and occasionally serves as Dance Captain for professional theatre companies. Dance Fitness is not only her passion, it is her way of living!

Aurelia has always been moved and influenced by 90’s/early 2000s Pop star dances; dancing to Britney is her favorite. In her classes, there will be Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Sia, and Lady Gaga, amongst others! Let’s dance

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