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Ballroom Dance Fitness

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Belicia Tang
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Belicia was a competitive rhythmic gymnast for 10 years. Growing up, Belicia was heavily trained in ballet and took contortion lessons to supplement her gymnastics. A two-time state champion and member of the 2012 Junior Olympic team, Belicia will always credit gymnastics as her first love. After a knee injury took her out of the sport at 15, she searched for a new passion. In 2015, she discovered Latin Ballroom dancing and fell in love with the performative and expressive nature of the art. She began college at UCLA in 2016, where she explored the prolific commercial dance scene of Los Angeles. In addition to ballroom, she took jazz, jazz funk and heels classes at Playground LA, Edge PAC, and Millennium Dance Complex. After graduating from college in 2019, Belicia returned to her SF Bay Area home and is now dancing, choreographing, and teaching full time. She is certified as a LaBlast Fitness instructor, which is partner-free ballroom dancing formatted for fitness. Belicia has taught this class for the past 3 years and is excited to bring ballroom fitness to Rae Studios.

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