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Animal Flow, Cardio Jam

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Chris Rodriguez
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Founder of Chris Rodriguez Movement, Chris Rodriguez is a passionate dance instructor, personal trainer, and life coach who specializes in corporate wellness.

Growing up in inner-city New Jersey movement, rhythm and dance gave Chris a framework which helped him to maneuver through an environment that was heavily influenced by gang violence giving Chris a desire to help empower people to grow. Continuously learning from his childhood experiences, his research and interactions with his students, Chris’s foundational teaching philosophy is that “Movement gives us a language to better connect with ourselves and each other, so let’s move together, never away.”

Combining his street dance background with formal dance and fitness training, Chris has designed classes for Google Inc, Stanford University, Stanford University Medical Center, Electronic Arts, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and many more. Chris’s unique style that combines various fitness modalities with modifications for all levels and high energy music, make his classes a favorite for all ages. When Chris is not teaching, you could find him reading, writing, playing music, working at his church or out enjoying nature.

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