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Claire is originally a Midwest Gal from St. Louis and currently calls Denver home but has since lived in every corner of the country (New Orleans for 6 years and San Francisco for 2 years were favorites!), thanks to school, work, and her husband's military career. She found dance at 3 years of age, competed, performed in the London New Year's Day Parade, Disney World Thanksgiving Day Parade, was selected to perform through Showstoppers in Hawaii, and was a member of the San Diego Enforcer Girls Dance Team.

In high school, Claire found the gym and fell in love with both fitness and wellness. She holds an American Council on Exercise Personal Training and Group Fitness certification, and is a Nutritious Life Certified Nutritionist. Claire holds a MS in Psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans and loves combining her favorite elements of various exercise disciplines into effective, empowering, and uplifting experiences.

Through fitness and nutrition coaching worldwide online through her Fleur de Lis Fitness business, Claire provides wellness solutions that help even the busiest professionals. She enjoys the intimacy of one-on-one coaching and also loves teaching group fitness here at Rae Studios, Athleta/Gap Headquarters, Equinox, Exubrancy Corporate Wellness, and NFC Amenities.

When she's not teaching, Claire can be found exercising, cooking (aka health-ifying recipes), reading, traveling near and far, and spending time with loved ones. Or oftentimes you'll catch her dancing. ;)

"Our bodies were made to move, so let's give 'em what they want!"

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