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Vixen Heels / Run The Twerk (March 2017-Current)
Dancer for Rae Agency


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Dance has been apart of Effie's life for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a Brazilian household, samba and capoeira initiated her infatuation for movement. At an early age Effie was enrolled into the dance program at the magnet schools she attended. Here she was exposed to the techniques of ballet, tap, modern, and contemporary. At 13, Effie got her first taste of hip hop and has since been inspired by its rich dance and culture. Effie trained under Zedric Bembry and danced for his hip hop dance team, Live in Color in Miami, FL. After 5 years Effie decided to explore her dance and movement through the medium of the hula hoop. This gave her the gift of learning to move from an unconditional, untrained, and meditative space and has been on that journey for 6 years now. Effie has since completed three dance intensives in New York, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, training in hip hop, afro- house floor work, contemporary, Butoh, and dance hall, to name a few. Effie now resides in the East bay as a professional hula hoop flow artist, certified Zumba Instructor, aspiring aerial and pole student, twerkography instructor, and a member of LSF. Effie hopes to inspire her students to feel empowered and confident in their bodies through dance and movement.