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Contemporary / Improv Dance

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Georgi Carmack was born and raised in Orange County where she started her dance training in contemporary, jazz, modern, and various street styles. She grew up training and competing in several dance camps and competitions across California from a young age such as Radix, Velocity, AMDA (where she was later offered acceptance into the BA Program in LA or New York), and many more.  She has continued her dance journey as a dancer on several dance crews here in San Francisco most notably SAUCE Dance Crew which performs and competes and also does performances and charity work such as performing at hospitals and children’s schools to promote the happiness people get from dance! She is currently attending SFSU and studying to obtain her degree in Dance. Her dream job would be to become a professional dancer working traveling the world with major music artists, dancing, and choreographing. While in school she has been focused on creating and teaching around the Bay Area and is excited to share her passion for dance with the Rae Family. 

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