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Risa Ono

Hip Hop

  • Youtube - Jeremy Lawson
  • Instagram - Jeremy Lawson

Hi. I’m Risa! TOKYO native, moved to SF from NY at the end of 2022!! My passion is to express myself through many ways such as fashion, dance, writing and talking! I love connecting people which makes me motivated. Currently I’ve started a fashion coach business for helping people from my country to enjoy and be free to express their own unique way through fashion! Creativity is medicine and healing for me. My interests and hobbies include Dance, Musical, Thrifting, Fashion, Journal, Self-reflection, Creating contents and Disney parks! The people I work and connect with are just amazing!! When I found Rae Studios my very first time in November 2022, Immediately I thought “Omg! I wanna work here! I should be part of this community!”. Then I decided to be off to SF from NY to see Rae family! I am so lucky to be a studio host and get to know you! Let’s grow each other through Rae community☆・:*


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