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Smooth & Sexy Choreo

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Kemari Harris
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Kemari Ken Harris is an African American choreographer, creative director, model and business owner. Born and raised in San Pablo, CA and currently reside in Oakland California. Kemari's first dance lessons were in front of his family performing with Tevin Campbell, Michael Jackson and James Brown. He was always told to come do this song or do this move once he started it was no letting up lol. Being born in a very musical family Kemari always had a love for music, singing, and dancing, dancing most of all. From elementary to high school Kemari was a part of several dance groups and always was the last man standing. In high school he created his own dance team at school along with his two younger brothers competing in local talent shows taking home first, second, and third place trophies. In his early adult years he wanted to be more behind the scenes so he started coaching cheer and majorette dancing which led up to him teaching dance classes throughout the Bay Area in local studios. One of his biggest accomplishments was his video being chosen to be on Beyoncé's I Am World tour amongst several other great and talented dancers. Looking to make a huge difference in the dance world starting with building confidence and self love in each person he comes across. Catch Kemari every Sunday at 7:45 at Rae Studios. 

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