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Brazilian Pop

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Leo Fonseca
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Born and raised in Brazil, Leo started dancing for fun at school presentations but soon was spotted by a dance teacher who invited him to join one of the famous dance groups in Brazil called "Tribo Cia de Dança", in 2010. There, he was introduced to hip-hop, street jazz, and dance hall. With time, he started to introduce the same dance styles to kids as a regular teacher for years in different dance studios.

He also participated in several dance festivals all over Brazil, competitions with the dance crew, and was a backup dancer for famous drag queens in nightclubs shows. He recently participated as a backup dancer in the 2019 San Francisco LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade with one of the most famous Brazilian artists today, Pabllo Vittar.

Currently, he holds a project of free dance classes for Brazilians at Dolores Park. He is passionate about his culture and he uses dance to bring his Brazilian community together, lessening the effects of inevitable homesickness.

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