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K-Pop (January 2017 – Current)

Mindy has a passion for dancing in all its forms. From ballet and dancehall to hip hop and contemporary, she has a wide array of dance styles at her disposal. While in college in Pittsburgh, she choreographed and performed for over ten productions for Dancers’ Symposium. She’s also versed in aerial silks and contortion. Now that she’s in San Francisco, she’s excited to bring her unique style and skill to the West Coast!

Mindy discovered Korean Pop music in high school and has loved it ever since. After learning the dance to “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls to perform at a talent show, she was hooked on dance covers and has been keeping up with the k-pop genre for almost a decade. Mindy loves sharing k-pop with others and is excited to teach k-pop dance at RAE Studios. Come learn all the new k-pop dances with her and perform just like K-Pop idols!

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