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BOOMBOX WEEKEND Recap - The More Than Movement Edition | AUGUST 2021

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Boombox photos found here! Tag: @raestudiossf #boomboxweekend

Event Recap:

On behalf of all of Rae Studios, we want to say thank you to all who came out and supported local artists in dance, movement, and wellness at our Boombox Weekend More Than Movement Edition. Returning to our dance studio felt rewarding for Saturday's Hip Hop education Day. A huge Thank you to Bay Club for assisting us with outdoor space for our Cardio Dance day. We're excited to continue offering classes in both our home studio and Bay Club.

We'd like to take a moment to highlight our incredible instructors! Starting off our weekend with a Beginner friendly Hip Hop Grooves class by Korea. We learned some fun party moves and cannot wait to try them on the dance floor. Then Lexi taught a Beg/Int level Hip Hop Choreo class focusing on Women in Hip Hop. Our Saturday was full of educational nuggets and cannot wait to bring out our full cast for a More Than Movement special.

The head of the house Jessica Rae got the energy up for our Sunday lineup in her signature Drenched Class! Shruthi energized the outdoor space that kept us wanting more BollyX in our lives! So great to enjoy the sun and BollyX beats. Everyone gave a non-stop cardio dance performance worthy of a world tour with Jeremy's Cardio Hip Hop class! LET'S GO!!! Thank you to this fabulous #RaeCrew once again. We are sure we'll see another great lineup at our next Boombox Weekend SOON! ;)

Boombox photos found here! Tag: @raestudiossf #boomboxweekend

Huge shout out to our fantastic tablers and sponsors! We love you so much and greatly appreciate all the support. More specifically:

  • Reign Bodyfuel keeping our energy up

  • Tiered Nutrition with supplement demos

  • David Holcomb for the amazing massages

Special Credits:

Event Staff: Jessica and volunteer Anna for seamless Hosting & production

Our Teachers: Korea Venters (Hip Hop Grooves), Lexi Nutkiewicz (Beg/Int Hip Hop), Jessica Rae (Drenched!), Shruthi Reddy(BollyX), and Jeremy Jones (Cardio Hip Hop)

Operations Team: Kevin and Andy behind the scenes

Boombox photos found here! Tag: @raestudiossf #boomboxweekend

If you have any photos or videos you took, we'd love for you to share them with us at THIS LINK!

Save the Date for our next BOOMBOX WEEKEND


-Past Event / Workshop-

#BoomboxWeekend is the ULTIMATE Bay Area dance & fitness weekend on Sat. Aug 21-Sun. Aug 22! Street Dance, Hip Hop, Cardio Dance, and more!

DATE: Saturday August 21st,, 2021 2:00pm-6:00pm PT & Sunday August 22nd, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm

Ticket Options:

  • $125 Full Weekend Admission (Access to 3 classes on Saturday and 3 classes on Sunday)

  • $79 Full Day Admission (Access to 3 classes on a single day)

  • $30 Single Class Admission

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App


Boombox Weekend is back again with another 2 Day Event. At this event, experience back-to-back classes featuring a rotating roster of instructors. To ensure your safety, space will be limited. RSVP in advance to reserve your spot.

We've partnered with Bay Club for this weekend event. The gorgeous rooftop space overlooks downtown San Francisco with full covered turf and offers a wide range of fitness supplies including yoga mats, free weights, We will be playing non-stop beats using Silent Disco headsets on Sunday and provide hydration stations and snacks between your classes. Saturday will be held at Rae Studios, the home of our operations.

About the More Than Movement Edition

At Rae Studios, we believe to be a dancer is to be an artist of movement. To be a teacher is to be an uplifter. Not just in our bodies and in our spirits, but in our communities as well. Becoming a leader on and off the floor begins with educating ourselves. Our professional development program provides various opportunities for Rae Studios instructors and staff to grow their artistry, leadership, social advocacy, teaching skills, and knowledge of dance history and culture.

Rae Studios is committed to evolving these holistic qualities through curated resources, workshops, guest speakers, and special events both exclusively for instructors and staff, and for our wider community. Commitments and focuses will include topics such as Hip-Hop education: being responsible and respectful guests in Hip-Hop culture, how to honor and educate our students of the history of cultural dances from around the world, tools and strategies for creating a safe movement space, taking care of our bodies as teachers and trainers, and many more.

Your FULL WEEKEND PASS gives you access to all the classes on both days. Stay for one or stay for all; or purchase our full day or single class ticket for just your favorite classes! Registration is required for this event. No ins/outs.

 Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App


  • Saturday Classes are at Rae Studios | 414 Mason Street #705, San Francisco, CA 94102

  • Sunday Classes are at Bay Club Greenwich | 150 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94111

  • *If we reach max capacity for our Saturday lineup, we will move to Bay Club Greenwich on Saturday.*

Class Schedule:

Saturday, August 21st, 2021: “More Than Movement” Special

  • 2:00pm - 3:15pm | Hip Hop Grooves (Beg) with Korea Venters

  • 2:00pm - 3:15pm | Isolation Technique and Choreo (Int/Adv) with Ryan McKee

  • 3:20pm - 4:35pm | Hip Hop (Beg/Int) with Lexi Nutkiewicz

  • 3:20pm - 4:35pm | Femme Choreo (Int/Adv) with Guest Instructor Kyle Soriano

  • 4:40pm - 6:00pm | Waacking Technique and Choreo (Beg/Int) with Kristie Lui

  • 4:40pm - 6:00pm | Hip Hop Choreo (Int/Adv) with Guest Instructor JC Caoile

Sunday, August 22nd: Cardio Dance Day (All Levels)

  • 9:00am - 9:55am Drenched! with Jessica Rae, Anna Bolender, JP Gorrut

  • 10:00am - 10:55am BollyX w/ Shruthi Reddy and Chandni Patel

  • 11:00am - 11:55am Cardio Hip Hop w/ Jeremy Jones

Ticket Options:

  • $125 Full Weekend Admission (Join for one class or all classes. No ins/outs. No transfers)

  • $79 Full Day Admission (Join for one class or all classes on a single day. No in/outs. No transfers)

  • $30 Single Class Ticket

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App  

Specials Partners, Vendors, and Amenities:

  • Bay Club Greenwich Location

  • Access to the full Bay Club facility

  • Free limited parking at Bay Club Lot (look for Bay Club dedicated spots)

  • Tiered Nutrition doing taste tests of their different supplements.

  • Reign Bodyfuel offering free energy drinks to fuel our training.

  • David Holcomb offering free massage sessions for our clients

Meet the Team of Amazing Instructors:


Korea Venters

Hip Hop Grooves (Beg)

Sat Aug 21st, 2:00pm-3:15pm

Originally from Oakland, California says her love for dance started in middle school while attending Oakland School for the Arts. Korea Venters graduated from the University of San Francisco, majoring in Performing Arts and Social Justice, with a concentration in Dance. She is a current dance instructor at K Star Productions, Rae Studios, & Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. As a current member of both Rae Agency Dance Company and See Through Soul Dance Company, she hopes to continue using her art as a platform for community healing and outreach. She has performed at many festivals including Art & Soul Festival, Black Choreographers Festival, Broad Statements Dance Festival, SF international Hip Hop Festival, and Versa-Style LA Hip Hop Dance Festival.

Hip Hop Grooves

Learn the dance techniques behind Hip Hop Grooves, social dance moves, and party moves in this class.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Ryan Mckee

Isolation Technique and Choreo (Int/Adv)

Sat Aug 21st, 2:00pm-3:15pm

Ryan McKee has been dancing and choreographing hip hop for roughly 15 years. Some of his largest achievements during this time include getting 4th place on the reality show "Jabbawockeez: The Movement", choreographing an award winning music video for Armaan Malik's song "Aaja Na Ferrari Mein", and dancing in the movie "Manifest Destiny Down 2: Spacetime". His classes focuses on pushing dancers energy, strength, and performance. In which he will also work on building confidence and having fun.

Isolation Technique and Choreo

Hip hop isolations/ technique focuses on matching your body to the music allowing a dancer to develop musicality while training in fundamentals and body control.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Lexi Nutkiewicz

Hip Hop (Beg/Int)

Sat Aug 21st 3:20pm-4:35pm

Lexi’s passion for Hip-Hop began when she took her first Popping class at 7 years old. While she was heavily involved in soccer throughout childhood, she stopped playing at age 15 to focus on dance, choreographing for her dance team, attending master workshops, and teaching part-time youth and adult classes. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied Psychology and Dance. She trained in Contemporary, African Dance, Hip-Hop, and House, and became heavily involved with the university’s street dance crew, VeRVE Collisionz. As captain of VeRVE, she helped organize the largest street dance competition in Colorado, acted as the creative director and choreographer for multiple shows and performances, and kept up the team morale. After graduating in 2018, she moved to the Bay Area and joined Str8jacket Dance Company, now serving as the Outreach Coordinator. She is grateful for all of the training and performance opportunities, and looks forward to continuing her professional career in dance. Her goal as a teacher is to educate her students about Hip-Hop history and culture and create an inclusive and positive environment for her students to grow as dancers.

Hip Hop (Beg/Int)

A bridge between beginner and intermediate choreography. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App  

Kyle Soriano

Femme Choreo (Int/Adv)

Sat Aug 21st 3:20pm-4:35pm

Kyle Soriano is from San Jose, California, and he started dancing at the age of 8 taking hip hop and tap classes at South Bay Dance Center. When he got to high school, he joined Future Shock San Jose from 2006-2008, a junior exhibition dance team that's a part of the Culture Shock Dance Company, and A-Youngin' from 2008-2010, a junior competitive dance team, where he was dance captain for both teams. While attending San Francisco State University, he joined Funkanometry SF from 2010 - 2012, an adult exhibition dance company, where he was also the dance captain, and later joined Project M from 2012-2020, an all-male dance company, where he was dance captain, and directed the team from 2015-2020. While directing Project M, he led the team to 2nd Place at Evolution Dance Competition 2017, 3rd Place at Evolution Dance Competition 2019, and 2nd place at Montage Dance Competition 2019. Most currently, he loves dancing for Groove Against the Machine, a co-ed competitive dance team based in Oakland, California.

Kyle loves to teach what he would describe as femme hip hop choreography and is very inspired by the women and queer dancers and choreographers he grew up watching and admiring. Kyle always teaches his choreography at a good and steady pace so that his class fully understands the movement, character, and intention for every piece. He always has his eyes on how his class is doing because he wants his class to leave feeling good, confident, and accomplished.

Femme Choreo (Int/Adv)

Femme choreography is a class with an emphasis on feminine moves, lines, etc. Perfect for anyone who wants to feel great in the skin they’re in!

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App  

Kristie Lui

Waacking (Beg/Int)

Sat Aug 21st 4:40pm-6:00pm

Kristie(she/her) has been training in HipHop and Streetstyles since she was 19. While her first love is Waacking/Whacking because of its tenets of expression and empowerment, she also enjoys training in other styles including Popping, Housing, Locking, and Breaking. Kristie is Co-Director of Str8jacket and has performed with them in America's Got Talent Season 12 and NBC's World of Dance Season 3. She is passionate about preserving the Bay Area HipHop Dance Community and spreading the philosophies and culture of HipHop. When Kristie is not dancing, she enjoys having lengthy conversations with her dog, Morty.

Waacking (Beg/Int)

Waacking is one of the fundamental styles of Hip-Hop. The style began in LA gay clubs in the 70's where Black, Latinx, and Asian gay men were able to fully express themselves in a time when they had to hide their gay identities. With my All Levels Waacking class, you will be able to learn techniques, foundation, and unlock your own style within Waacking.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App  

JC Caoile

Hip Hop (Int/Adv)

Sat Aug 21st 4:40pm-6:00pm

Founder and Director of Str8jacket & Krazy8 dance team in San Mateo, CA. JC's been teaching for over a decade and has trained dancers of all ages. JC's done numerous competitions, performances & TV gigs such as World of Dance and America’s Got Talent. We are so grateful for JC and the Str8jacket community! Read more on their website.

Hip Hop (Int/Adv)

A bridge between intermediate and advanced choreography. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App  

Jessica Rae

Drenched! (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 9:00am-9:55am

Jessica Rae is the owner and director of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios, a local dance and fitness studio located in San Francisco's Union Square. Jessica's teaching dance background and certifications include Cardio Dance, Cize Live, Pound Pro, Kickboxing, and Barre along with various styles of dance choreography.

Currently Jessica teaches weekly classes at Rae Studios, Studiomix, Bay Club & GAP HQ along with various brands/clients like Athleta, William Sonoma, Airbnb, Facebook, Lorna Jane, Lucy, Marriott, Crunch Gym & W Hotel. In addition to her teaching background, Jessica's has also been seen dancing for celebrity artists like Lady Gaga, Ludacris, Kid Rock, E-40 and Too Short.

On her spare time, she enjoys training through martial arts and kickboxing!

"Take time to make your soul happy”

Anna Bolender

Drenched! (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 9:00am-9:55am

Dance and movement have always been an important part of Anna's life. Born and raised in Germany, Anna started competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was seven years old. Since 2012, she has been training in other dance styles including hip hop, cheerleading, modern dance, ballet, and jazz. Anna moved to San Francisco in 2016 where she started to perform as a dancer for shows and events and found her passion for fitness and teaching cardio dance. Her class DRENCHED brings the best of those worlds together in a fun and sweaty dance workout. When she's not dancing, Anna enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as wakeboarding, hiking, running, skiing, and snowboarding.

JP Gorrut

Drenched! (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 9:00am-9:55am

Born and raised in France, JP fell in love with movement and dance with ballroom and acrobatic Rock'n'Roll. After 8 years of practice and national championships, JP tried other styles such as Hip-Hop and contemporary. Passionate about running, he has ran in the Paris Marathon in 2017 and other races (half-marathon, 10k).

After moving to the Bay Area in 2019, JP found in DRENCHED!, the perfect mix between dance and cardio exercise where he's been an instructor in training alongside Jessica Rae since 2020.

Drenched! (All Levels)

An all levels Cardio-dance based class featuring Top 40 jams from Hip Hop, Reggaeton to Pop. The dance sets are fun and trendy with choreography combos complimented by intense full-body exercises that keep the heart pumping and keep you sweating. Level 1-2 are follow and go, Level 3 is broken down and designed to push your choreography retention. Best of all, the class combos are taught weekly with a modified music roster to keep you on your toes, dancing, toning, and SWEATING. Come dance and get DRENCHED!

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Chandni Patel

BollyX (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 10:00am-10:55am

Chandni is a BollyX instructor based out of San Francisco who has loved to dance for as long as she can remember! While moving around the country as a young kid, she stayed connected to dance through the addictive energy of Bollywood music. In the Bay Area, she competed with a Garba/Raas (a high-energy Indian folk style) team for a few years while also falling in love with dance fitness classes of different styles such as Zumba and U-Jam. Once she was introduced to the BollyX format, she knew it was the PERFECT fit for her and became a certified instructor in 2015! Since then, Chandni has loved to share her passion for dance and fitness through BollyX because people of all dance experience levels can join in, have fun, and get a great cardio workout! Besides Bollywood, Chandni also likes to train in different dance styles with particular interest in Dancehall, Afrobeats/fusion, and Reggaeton.

Shruthi Reddy

BollyX (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 10:00am-10:55am

Shruthi Reddy started dancing since the age of 3 and has been an athlete almost all her life. Dance workouts bring both her worlds of dance and fitness together. Shruthi is a Bollywood dancer, wedding choreographer, entertainer, and certified BollyX and cardio fitness instructor. She teaches at corporate facilities, Bayclubs, and hosts team building events. She teaches BollyX, a Bollywood inspired dance workout, at Rae Studios. Dance is a way she lets her soul speak with the community around her.

BollyX (All Levels)

Bollywood dance Workout is a Bollywood Inspired Dance fitness class. We are inspired and driven by the heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood, the film industry of India. We cross dynamic choreography with high-intensity interval training, burning up to 800 calories per 50 minute session

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Jeremy Jones

Cardio Hip Hop (All Levels)

Sun Aug 22nd 11:00am-11:55am

Jeremy Jone Lawson began his career as a dancer in Spring 2008 at the University of Memphis. Since then he has trained in different studios throughout the Memphis community. He joined Bridging Souls Production Dance Company (BSP) fall of 2010 under the direction of Tamara Parish and quickly became the Rehearsal Director.

​With a musical theatre background, Jeremy has performed in several productions ie: Regional Premier of “The Color Purple” By Alice Walker. With the combination of dance, Jeremy has found time to also work with different community leaders and national non-profit organizations. Such as The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis, as the Performing Arts Coordinator.

Jeremy moved to San Francisco in 2014 to pursue his career in dance and fitness. Since his move he has worked with several dance companies; including RAE Studios, Danse Lumiere Contemporary Ballet Co, Performing Arts Academy of Marin, and working as one of the Cardio Hip Hop instructors & Assistant Director of the Youth Dance Program at New Style MotherLode International Dance Co. Lastly one of Lawson’s most proud accomplishments is being a dad to his two little girls Janie & Jordyn Lawson

Cardio Hip Hop (All Levels)

Cardio HIP-HOP is an all-levels class. This is a high-impact class that allows everyone to SWEAT, Smile, and Move. CHH is both a Cardio & Choreography. We will be STACKING multiple 8 count phrases and repeat them throughout the class to a variety of songs. By the end of the class not only will you have reached your Cardio Fitness Goal but you will have also learned a fully choreographed dance number.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artists: Korea Venters | Ryan Mckee | Lexi Nutkiewicz | Kyle Soriano | Kristie Lui | JC Caoile | Jessica Rae | Anna Bolender | JP Gorrut | Chandni Patel | Shruthi Reddy | Jeremy Jones

Registration is required for this event.

Ticket Reservations: Eventbrite or purchase on the Mindbody App 

Our mission is to merge the ideologies of popular dance culture by bridging fitness gym and traditional dance studio mentality into a place that welcome all levels of dance & fitness in a healthy progressive environment. Our goal is to provide San Francisco dance seekers with community, growth and participation through artistic outlets of music + movement. Our culture is simple; create a space for dance and community to thrive, water the roots of our passion, fuel our dreams by action, and inspire others to do the same.

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