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Community Classes @ Rae Studios | Begins 8/29/2023

Take Class. Provide Feedback. Help support the growth of the Rae community.

On behalf of Rae Studios, we would like to introduce you to the Rae Studios: Community Classes. Our Community Classes are designed for students to get a taste of up-and-coming dance and fitness classes, new and recurring teachers, and class formats that will be introduced to the Rae Studios weekly group class schedule. The goal for the Community Classes is to encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone. It is an opportunity for students to share their feedback and experiences with our management team and help contribute to the growth of our community and assist in the hiring process of dancers and movement specialists at our studio. Feedback for classes taken is required upon class completion. We thank you for your continued support and effort to keep our community great and thriving. We’ll see you all in class! Happy dancing! Check out our upcoming classes below.

Tickets: $8 Single Class | Free for Monthly Unlimited Members

Class Requirement: Must complete feedback survey following class completion.

Location: Rae Studios | 414 Mason St., #705, San Francisco, Ca 94102

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Upcoming Classes

Jessica Rae

Power Barre [All Levels]

Weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30pm (begins 8/29)

Jessica Rae is a Filipino business owner and educator around movement and entrepreneurship. She is the founder and CEO of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios, located in downtown San Francisco, California. Jessica graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Speech and Communications and a lifetime advocate of dance and the arts.

She is an energetic certified Group Fitness and Dance Instructor with a strong background in Cardio Dance, Kickboxing, MMA, and dance choreography. She promotes healthy minds and bodies through music and movement while building a strong community motivating people to move outside their comfort zone. Her certifications include: GF, AFAA, CPA and First Aid, Pound Pro, Cize Live, Barre Certified and has been seen coaching for Gap HQ, Athleta, Lorna Jane, Fitbit, William-Sonoma, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Salesforce, Facebook, Marriott, San Francisco Middle School, Dare to Bare amongst other established corporations.

Jessica currently teaches weekly classes at Equinox and Rae Studios.

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Anna Bolender


DRENCHED! [All Levels]

Sunday, September 10th | 2:00pm - 2:55pm

Anna (she/her) was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany and has lived in San Francisco since 2016. Dance and movement have always been an important part of Anna's life. She started training and competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was seven years old and has won various competitions, including the German Championship, during her 13-year journey in this sport.

In 2012, Anna started training in other dance styles, including hip hop, pop, contemporary, ballet, and jazz. She was also part of the cheerleading team at her university in Germany and performed at different local events as well as the Euromasters, a European cheerleading competition.

After moving to San Francisco in 2016, Anna continued to train in different dance styles in San Francisco and LA and joined RAE Agency as a dancer and model. She was a backup dancer for Bebe Rexa as part of Salesforce in the San Francisco pride parade and performed at various corporate events and holiday parties for companies such as Google, Oracle, Samsung, Apple, and the Golden State Warriors. Given her Rhythmic Gymnastics background, Anna’s specialty as a talent continues to be ribbon dancing and dancing with other props, such as the ball, hoop, clubs, and rope.

Anna also joined RAE Studios as a student in 2016 where she discovered her passion for cardio dance — a class format that brings together both dance and fitness. She has been teaching DRENCHED, a fun and sweaty all-levels cardio dance class, at RAE Studios since 2020. Dance continues to be Anna’s biggest passion and she is excited to share that with others in her class and in classes she takes as a student.

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Valeria Bernal

Reggaeton [Beg/Int]

Sunday, September 10th | 1:45pm - 2:55pm

Sunday, September 17th | 1:45 PM - 2:55pm

Valeria Bernal (she/her) is an instructor and choreographer from Panama City, Panama and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. Since she was three years old, Valeria trained classically at the Academia de Danzas Steps techniques such as ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. As an adult, she trained with other studios that specialized in ballroom dancing, latin styles, dancehall, reggaetón and hip-hop in both her hometown and the US. She is passionate about teaching dance and sharing her lively and cheerful energy with others in any city she resides. The teaching style and choreographies that Valeria has created prioritize the experience of the dancer, creating a space for all to identify their strengths, explore their individuality, and develop self-confidence.

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Jan Jan Chan

Jazz [Beginner]

Friday, September 22nd | 7:45pm - 9pm

Friday, September 29th | 7:45pm - 9pm

JanJan (any pronouns) is a movement artist, born and raised in the Bay Area. They’ve been training in various styles, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and more for over 10 years now. Their love of teaching started when they use to do club swimming and would teach the younger students on as a side job. Although leaving behind their years and dedication of studio training, you can still find JanJan always eager to challenge themself by learning and training in new styles. Their number one priority will always be creating a safe and fun space whenever teaching, allowing dancers to not be afraid to trying new things and let dance be therapeutic.

JanJan started their dance journey at the age of 6. They’ve trained all over the Bay Area, primarily with Westlake School of Preforming Arts, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Krazy 8, and Poise’n Brigade. Recently, they have also had the opportunity to be a part of Alee Martinez’s “Don’t Play With It” music video, RedBull’s Dance Your Style, and Body Rock’s Ressecution. JanJan has taught at all over the Bay Area, including for CY Danceworks, West Coast Dance Conservatory, Heart Beat Dance Academy, and Saint Francis High School.

Along with dancing, you might also know JanJan from their online content on several social media platforms and their writing as an author. They are very excited to see what’s in store as a movement artist and will always be so grateful for all the opportunities they have been a part of and more to encounter. They can’t wait to see all of you grow!

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Sara Templeton


Reggaeton [Beg/Int]

Sunday, September 24th | 1:45pm - 2:55pm

Sara is a choreographer, teacher, and dancer born and raised in San Francisco. She started her professional hip-hop career at sixteen, dancing with Culture Shock S.F. and L.A. and guest performing with independent artists throughout the Bay Area. While earning her dance degree at Loyola Marymount University, Sara expanded her training to include ballet, modern / contemporary, and dunham technique, and also began a focused re-engagement with salsa and other Latin dances connected to her Puerto Rican heritage. It was during this time that Sara truly honed in on her passion for choreography and teaching, and the ways in which the intelligence of different dance techniques could cross pollinate for the benefit of the artist. Sara has performed alongside notable hip-hop artists Allan Frias and Jesse Lee Santos, and has done commercial work with musical groups Blue Boy and Spanish Fly. Locally Sara has performed and presented work at Dance Mission Theater and ODC, and is blest to have trained with exceptional artists across disciplines including Janice Garrett (modern), Robin Dekkers (ballet), Brandi Chun (jazz funk), Pat Cruz (hip-hop) and others. Most recently, Sara choreographed the Center Repertory Company’s sold out Spring 2023 musical production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights and continues to teach a variety of dance forms around the Bay Area.

Sara strongly believes in the joy of dance, and is dedicated to fostering a safe and playful space where students can work on sound dance technique while feeling motivated to grow. When Sara is not in the studio teaching or choreographing, she is experimenting with dance for film, and running her online dance merchandise store ObjectsForArts. Besides dance, Sara is an ardent, 20-year practitioner of Iyengar yoga, and a strong believer in massages and chocolate.

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