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Member Spotlight: Ishan Kaul | August, 2023

Member Since 2023

Meet our August Member Spotlight of the month Ishan Kaul. Alongside his passion for coding, he also enjoys music, dance, and overall just having a good time! Check out some fun facts about Ishan below.


Fun Facts About Ishan

I am a boring code nerd by day and a absolute hooligan by night!

Why do you love Rae Studios?

Very inclusive and fun atmosphere.

What is your favorite Rae Studios class? (feel free to name more than one) and Why?

House Fundamentals with Lexi. She's a great teacher and I'm a huge house-head.

What are some other hobbies that you enjoy?

Clubbing, traveling, working out, cooking, reading, hiking and beach trips.

Do you have any secret talents? (i.e. juggling, singing, animated voices, baton twirling, etc)

I once did 30 push ups while holding in a bong rip.

What are two unique facts about you that many may not know?

1) I've been to 13 different music festivals.

2) I have never taken a dance class before coming to Rae Studios.

You can follow Ishan and see what festivals he goes to next!

Instagram: @swaeshan


We would like to give Ishan a HUGE thank you for being apart of our community and supporting our studio and instructors through taking class. We look forward to many more years of dancing with you. Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

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