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Rae Studios Welcomes New Community Liaison

Hey Rae Crew,

Kevin here with an announcement! We are so proud and excited to announce our newest addition to the Rae Management team She started off as one of our students in-studio and then joined our team as a volunteer host. You may have seen her in your class or you may have chatted with her during your ZOOM setup. Let's give Trisha Fuerte a warm welcome, joining our team as the "Community Liaison".

Trisha brings supportive energy, mindful approaches, and a diverse background in community/social work. Outside of her role with Rae Studios, you can find her continuing her education in Social Work in her Master's Program through NYU. She also has her own YouTube channel: Fuerte Body focusing on celebrating body positivity through fitness, food, fashion, fun, feels, and more! You can reach Trisha directly at her new email:

Please keep an eye out for messages from Trisha. She'll be here to coordinate our community, lead our outreach programs, deepen our social media presence, and support our operations. If you have any specific questions about our community work, please reach out to Trisha.

Super excited to have you on our team Trisha! You're already doing amazing work so far and we can't wait to see what's in store.

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