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Rourou Ye (She/Her) is an independent choreographer, dancer, and educator who started dancing at the age of 5. She holds a BFA in Choreography from Shanghai Theater Academy (2012) and an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College (2017). As a former dance instructor & Choreographer at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China's top conservatory, Rourou is passionate about teaching non-professional dancers. She believes the power of dance enhances the practice of self-love, confidence, happiness, healing, and she is working on sharing this magic power with all her students. Her students have described their experiences studying with Rourou as life-changing events. They felt so much more connected to their body, felt more confident and happy.


At Rae Studio, Rourou shares her unique dance style through her Contemporary Fusion class, a mix of contemporary dance, jazz dance, taichi, and hip-hop. More specifically, she combines the free expression in contemporary, the feminine and sexiness in Jazz, the use of Qi (breath), the groundedness from Tai Chi, and the power and articulation from Hip-hop. As a sensitive and emotional being, Rourou puts a specific emphasis on incorporate feelings into her choreography.


As a choreographer, Rourou's works have been shown at New York City's major experimental dance venues and New Inc at The New Museum of Contemporary Art. Works showed outside of the US include Venice Art Factory, Venice, Italy, Elektron Art, Tallinn, Estonia, Beijing dance festival, D-STAGE Shanghai dance festival, China Dance Forward -Hongkong, and Guangdong Dance Festival (China).