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Vell | 7:45 PM - 8:55 PM | Int/Adv

About Heels

Class Description:

The history of dancing in heels goes back to the early 20th century, However, the teaching of the art of Heels was popularized around the globe in the early 21st century by artists such as Aisha Francis, Danielle Polanco, and Yannis Marshall.  Heels is a choreographed dance class for intermediate/advanced students utilizing any type of high-heeled shoes.   This class combines styles of dance from jazz, street jazz, hip hop and commercial dance. In this class, you will begin with a warm up focusing on strengthening the ankles, glutes, hips and core finished with a short technique portion. This class heavily focused on grounding dancers, building strong fundamentals, drills and a deeper understanding of musicality, performance and quality of movement.

Suggested Footwear:

Heels required (We suggest bringing heels with strong ankle support)

Suggested Experience Needed:

1 year of experience or more

Related Classes:

Heels Technique, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Jumps and Turns


6 months or more of Beg. Heels.  6-8 weeks of Heels Technique. Dancers should know basic knowledge of Heels terminology and techniques.

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Meet Vell

Instagram: @vellpic

Vell (long name Valeriia) Raskova

Vell began dancing in 2000, focusing on ballroom dancing. She dedicated 13 years of her life to this discipline. She participated in ranked competitions in Moscow as well as in international ballroom dance competitions.After ballroom dancing, Vell tried many dance styles: house, dancehall, hip-hop, vogue, and of course, she fell in love with High Heels.

Vell trained at numerous dance studios in Russia and participated in dance festivals and camps. She regularly attends classes with various choreographers in different styles. She is also obtaining a NASM personal trainer certification.

Vell is the organizer of a fitness-dance bootcamp in Russia. She is also the organizer of her own High Heels masterclasses in the Bay Area.

Vell's dance goal is to teach women and men to enjoy their bodies while dancing. For Vell, dance is life; it reveals new aspects of ourselves, allows us to embody any character, and lets us be anyone we want to be in this life. My goal is to show through dance that a person can do anything!

Where you currently teach Motion Arts Center (San Mateo) and my own classes in SF and San Mateo

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