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Power Yoga

Dillon | 10:00 AM - 10:55 AM | All Levels

About Power Yoga

Class Description:
In this 55-minute music-bumping-heart-pounding-beginner-welcoming power yoga class, participants will utilize fundamental yoga postures using 'breath to movement', body-weight drills and excieces to build cardio and tone their bodies.  Be preapred to have sweaty good time.

Suggested Footwear:


Yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga block, blanket. Various props changed weekly. Props provided in-studio.

Suggested Experience Needed:
No prior experience is required to take this class.

Related Classes:
Yoga Flow, Stretch & Flexibility

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Meet Dillion

Instagram: @theverydirtygarden

Dillon Gardner (They/She) was born and raised in New York City and is currently living in San Francisco. Dillon has been classically trained in Ballet, West African and Modern dance techniques from middle school to early college. With a rich dance background from schools like Harlem School of the Arts and Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, movement exploration and body conditioning is not only an art but a life practice for Dillon! With a 500 hr Yoga Teaching Certification, Nutrition and Personal Training Certification Dillon has entered the world of fitness as a teacher, coach and life enthusiast. While cultivating a career in fitness, Dillon also nurtures their career in art exploring ritual performance, botanical sculpture, Kink photography and video documentation. Participating in gallery exhibitions and performances in The Bay Area, New York City and L.A, Dillon believes all aspects of their life informs, supports and strengths each other. They are beyond grateful to exist as an artist and share their world with others through so many different channels. They recognize it as an honor and a privilege to exchange energy with others in this way and hope to be a mirror of reflection and expansion for students and peers.

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