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Barre Sculpt / Booty Blast / Pilates / Yoga Flow

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Sheena has been dancing, performing and teaching in San Luis Obispo County and Southern California since childhood and in the Bay Area and Las Vegas since 2008. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a Minor in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University in 2010, certified in Mat Pilates though A Body of Work Integrated Teacher Training in 2012, and became a Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer in 2013. She has worked with dance companies such as Detour Dance and Sarah Gould and Dancers and bands “Fans of Jimmy Century”, Robot de Niro and Seeking Empire. She teaches gymnastics at San Francisco Gymnastics and AcroSports here in the Bay, has trained in aerial tissue, hoop and steel apparatus. Sheena currently teaches Pilates Fusion at Elevate Group Fitness, RAE Studios, and other fitness studio’s mixing cardio, resistance training, ballet barre, pilates core and yoga into one total-body workout class.“The nature of things is to move. Life is movement. And an expression of existence is movement. When something doesn’t move anymore that is the expression of death. In other words, something stagnating. Inside our bodies is the same situation; the more it moves, the more expression of life. The less it moves the more expression is towards death. What I perceive is the missing link in everything is that nobody is at home in their bodies.” - Juliu Horvath, Creator of GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM

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