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Born and raised on the beaches of Santa Cruz California, Tessa grew up a sandy & bikini-clad 3rd generation dancer. Tessa devoted her entire youth to dance and has been dancing competitively since she was 6 years old, trained classically in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. In high school, she and her dance team toured Europe with the Tanzsommer Dance Festival, performing in Innsbruck Austria, Paris, Euro Disney, and throughout Germany.
She attended the University of San Francisco for college where she fell in love with group fitness classes and became a gym junkie. Her fitness journey evolved into becoming a crossfit devotee, competing in local and national crossfit competitions for the last 6 years. She loves the satisfaction of a grueling workout, the weight of a heavy barbell, and the sassy energy of a heels class!

When she’s not teaching she is selling wine, painting, dancing, lifting,
wakeboarding and chasing the sun in tropical locations.