305 Fitness

    305 Fitness is a 45-minute nonstop cardio party featuring fun, easy-to-follow dance cardio moves and toning for your core and glutes. No dance experience required. You’ve never had this much fun working out. With music mixes curated from NYC DJs, this class is perfect for music lovers and open to all levels. Get ready to sweat, shake, and smile for dayzzzz! All you need is a pair of sneakers and an open mind. You don’t need to be a dancer to #MakeSweatSexy.


    Bollywood dance Workout is a Bollywood Inspired Dance fitness class. We are inspired and driven by the heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood, the film industry of India. We cross dynamic choreography with high-intensity interval training, burning up to 800 calories per 50 minute session

    Cardio Fusion

    45-mins of non-stop dance. This class entails stacked choreography so by the end of the class you will finish one dance set, looking like a pro and sweating with a glow!

    Cardio Jam

    *Rae Signature Class. A cardio dance class for all levels with easy to follow choreography using "stacking technique" that allow students to learn a dance routine without stopping. Class includes a cardio dance warm up with weights, choreography, a 60-second challenge ending, followed by a dance showdown!

    Cardio Pop

    A cardio dance class focused on jazz-pop-latin fusion choreography while keeping your heart rate up while dancing to your favorite pop music.



    An all levels Cardio-dance based class featuring Top 40 jams from Hip Hop, Reggaeton to Pop. The dance sets are fun and trendy with choreography combos complimented by intense full-body exercises that keep the heart pumping and keep you sweating. Level 1-2 are follow and go, Level 3 is broken down and designed to push your choreography retention. Best of all, the class combos are taught weekly with a modified music roster to keep you on your toes, dancing, toning, and SWEATING. Come dance and get DRENCHED!

    Pop Flex

    A cardio dance class focused on jazz-pop-latin fusion choreography while keeping your heart rate up while dancing to your favorite pop music. Open for all levels, come learn easy to follow choreography using a "stacking technique" without stopping while getting a heavy sweat!


    A fitness party with easy to follow dance steps to form the ultimate calorie-burning experience to Latin beats, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and Pop music.


    Beginner Choreography

    Back to basics with Beginner Choreography. Learn the dance skills and techniques to kick off your dance journey. All levels are welcome!  Please see the instructor's IG for a better look into choreography and style.

    Beginner Contemporary

    Start building your solid foundation in Contemporary dance! With an emphasis on fundamentals, this beginner friendly class will guide you into learning choreography. Intensify your strength and flexibility, rejuvenate your mind, and express your true self in Beginning Contemporary.

    Beginner Heels "Femme & Flow"
    Beginner level heels instruction that covers and drills the fundamentals of high heels while also exploring each student’s unique sensual self-expression. The choreography here is slow-paced and sexy.

    Belly Dance

    This class is designed to work out your whole body and also learn belly dance fundamentals, technique, hip isolations, and a choreography combo!  Feel free to bring a hip scarf.



    A class in experimental flow, exploring post-modern states of movement, to create a unique foundation for storytelling, human expression, and acrobatic athleticism. Disorient the body to discover more about the mind. This class is inclusive to all levels and backgrounds, the only thing required is an open heart. Learn rhythmic ways to unlock one's human form through play, stretching, raw choreography, and guided improv.


    Dancehall Grooves

    This class is steps & grooves only! Whether you’re new to dancehall or want to review your favorite dancehall steps, this class is a chance for true dancehall lovers to slow down and focus on technique. In addition to step breakdowns, you will learn the name and creator of each step.

    Femme Choreography

    Femme choreography is a class with an emphasis on feminine moves, lines, etc. Perfect for anyone who wants to feel great in the skin they’re in!

    Hip Hop Grooves

    Learn the history and foundations of Hip-Hop dance and other fundamental techniques. We break down old school, new school Hip-Hop dance moves, and breaking (BBoy/BGirl) foundations.

    Intermediate/Advanced Heels "Queendom Heels"

    Focus on Heels fundamentals drills and Int/adv level choreography. In this class, we will also address how to be more expressive in our performance as dancers.

    Intermediate Choreography

    A bridge between intermediate and advanced choreography. We will introduce you to more complex techniques and concepts such as textures and musicality. This class will help push you out of your comfort zone and expand your dance vocabulary. 

    Jazz Choreo

    Learn choreography from jazz turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques to popular and age appropriate music of today.

    Jazz Funk

    This all-level welcomed Jazz Funk class is the perfect way to feel strong and fierce. With a combination of sass and street, across the floor combos, new choreography sets while increasing overall performance energy.

    Jazz Technique

    Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression.

    K-Pop [Intermediate/Advanced]

    Learn KPOP hits, fun dance combos, plus how to execute music video performances! This class will help you dance along to your favorite KPOP artist! From BTS, Blackpink, Twice, EXO, etc.

    K-Pop [Beginner/Intermediate]

    Beginner / Intermediate K-Pop is open to all levels. This class is for you if you want to feel like you are starring in your own K-Pop MV. This class will highlight some choreography from some of your favorite K-Pop Idols(e.g., Twice, BTS, Blackpink, etc). This class will be taught in a progressive, stacked manner (adding choreography in by 4 counts).

    Modern Dance

    Learn various rudimentary movements and choreography that are the foundation for classical modern dance to live musical accompaniment like contractions, spirals, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time and force.

    Musical Theatre

    Musical Theater Dance class is a Fosse based dance with a twist, developing rhythm through dance combinations and voice exercise to improve overall performance quality. Students will be exposed to various styles of movements rooted in the diverse history of Broadway Musicals. Class includes fast-paced warm-up focused on core strength, technique, and stretching.

    Pop Jam

    Catch your favorite Pop Classics from artists like Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Bishop Briggs! Learn intermediate choreography combos, performance execution, and dancing outside your comfort zone. Class includes standing and floor work.


    Reggaeton focuses on strong and sensual hip movements (commonly known as dancing 'perreo') and often incorporates hip hop grooves and latin dance technique.


    Waacking is one of the fundamental styles of Hip-Hop. The style began in LA gay clubs in the 70's where Black, Latinx, and Asian gay men were able to fully express themselves in a time when they had to hide their gay identities. With my All Levels Waacking class, you will be able to learn techniques, foundation, and unlock your own style within Waacking.

  •   FITNESS  

    Animal Flow
    A fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement.

    Barre Mat Bootcamp

    Tone and sculpting class targeting our glutes, legs, and abs with a touch of cardio burn sequences. The class uses the mat, a tall chair or kitchen table, free weights, a resistance band, and a small kitchen towel.

    Barre Sculpt

    Sculpt, lengthen and tone in this low-impact Barre class which oscillates between building up heat using strength exercises and lengthening the muscles using dynamic stretches and yoga-inspired movements. Class uses free weights, resistance bands, and gliders. No shoes, no sock


    An interval training class that mixes calisthenics, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises with cardio and strength training to build lean sculpted muscles. These classes are designed to get your heart pumping, sweating, and get you to pusher harder than you have ever before. 

    Booty Blast

    Sculpt your butt with our express booty workout designed to target your glutes for the ultimate quick toning workout.

    Cardio Kickboxing

    Cardio kickboxing is an all-levels group fitness class that combines cardiovascular drills with martial arts techniques. Class is broken down into three rounds, basic fundamentals, strength, and conditioning with combo retention followed by a cardio burn out with a full kickboxing combo to take home and practice. This class is designed to help you build stamina, improve coordination, and most importantly, practice FORM.

    Express Abs

    30min of non-stop ab workout. Standing, mat work combined with full-body exercises targeting your core. This class moves fast. Be ready to move. Props include free weights and a small towel.

    NAB Bootcamp

    NAB “Neighbor & Brother” Bootcamp led by David So, fellow fitness entrepreneur. This class focuses on interval training mixing up calisthenics, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises with cardio and strength training to build lean sculpted muscles. These classes are designed to get your heart pumping leaving you sweaty in just 45mins.

    Power Burn + Sweat

    A high energy full-body workout incorporating strength, cardio sequences. Great ready to sweat from head to toe with weights, plyometrics, and full-body movement.

    Sweat 30

    A 30 minute high-intensity workout with a blend of strength training exercises and bursts of cardio to get you sweating and feeling strong.

      YOGA / STRETCH  

    Evening Yoga

    An evening yoga flow based class created to stretch. The perfect complementary class to add to your cardio workout or just a way to end your day. This class is designed to increase flexibility, strength & balance through poses, breathing, music, and meditation.

    Stretch 30

    This is a 30min stretching class utilizing yoga fundamentals that allows you to breathe between your working and lunch hour. Have a yoga mat and yoga blocks available.

    Vinyasa Flow

    Ease into your day with Alignment, Sun Salutations, and Pranyama.

    Yin Yoga

    Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice centered on restorative postures. Poses are held for 1 minute or more to focus on the connective tissue of the body. The class requires no equipment and is followed by a 5-10 minute meditation for maximum mind body connection.

    Yoga Flow

    A yoga flow based class created to motivate and increase flexibility, strength & balance through poses, breathing, music, and meditation. This is a 45min class.

  • Yoga Sculpt

    A 45-min class utilizes fundamental yoga postures and 'breath to movement' body-weight drills to build cardio and tone. Have a pair of light weights and be prepared to sweat!





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