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Christina Nguyen, a Bay Area native, began her dancing at the age of 14. She dove into her training full-force, indulging in a variety of techniques including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, heels, and modern dance. She received her BA in Dance in 2019, from San Francisco State University School of Theatre and Dance. During her time at SF State, Christina had become a company member of San Francisco State’s University Dance Theater for 3 consecutive years, allotting her final senior year as UDT Student Director. Christina had the opportunity of debuting her first professional dance performance with Stabat Mater and Mad Brass as a part of Garrett+Moulton Productions's movement choir in 2018. She’s since then moved on to training with renowned dancer and choreographer, Galen Hooks, and is a Galen Hooks Method Alumni.

Currently, she is dancing with Eclipse K-Pop and regularly rehearses and films public K-Pop dance covers. Working towards crafting her dance identity, Christina aims to pursue a life centered around the importance of dancing, creating, and sharing art with one another.

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