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Ready to take classes, but not sure if a Monthly Unlimited Membership is right for you?  Or are you already a member and want to know more about membership perks and terms?  We got you covered. Check out the information below as well as the FAQ section. Please use this page to check out your membership perks and as a referral to other potential members. Now let's discuss what a membership means and the benefits of having a Monthly Unlimited Membership.


What is the Monthly Unlimited Membership?

The Monthly Unlimited Membership allows you to take any and all weekly classes offered here at Rae Studios.  While most traditional dance studios operate on single and class package options, we thrive on community and growth.  Our Monthly Unlimited Membership allows students to have access to as many classes they choose, plus additional memberships perks, including discounts on special events, merchandise, private lessons, and complimentary guest passes!  Upon initial sign up of the membership, students are required to remain on the plan for six months. After the initial six month commitment, students can cancel at any point by notifying our management team.


Membership Perks:

  • 10% off Rae Merchandise 

  • 10% off Private Lessons

  • 10% off Studio Rentals

  • Discount off workshops, special events, master classes (Varies per event) 

  • 2x Complimentary guest passes per month for friends and family.  

  • Members-only social events (i.e. game nights, movie nights etc.)


Why become a member with Rae Studios?

It’s simple, if you are taking 2 classes a week, you would be spending $184 per month.  PLUS, Rae Studios offers a variety of movement classes including dance technique, choreography, cardio dance, fitness, yoga, and wellness classes great for all levels. With over 40+ classes on our schedule students have found the monthly membership to be a great pathway to increasing their skill level, exploring different areas of dance and fitness, and building community amongst their fellow dancers.


Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing the membership

  • How many times per week/month would you like to see yourself in class?

  • What does my dance/fitness journey look like?

  • How do I prepare for classes?

  • I’m an absolute beginner student. How do I speed up my learning progress. Are private lessons available?

  • I am new to dance, what class recommendation should I start with? 


What happens after I sign up for the Monthly Membership?

All first-time members will receive a free tote bag with their purchase. Please see our Studio Hosts during your next visit to redeem. We also offer membership consultations within the first six months of your membership. Please make an appointment with one of the studio management here. Members are expected to complete their six months contract.  After six months, members can cancel at any time. Termination prior to 6-month term fulfillment will be subjected to a $150 Early Termination Fee.  


Membership Consultation:

Our membership consultation program is a way for us to invest in your respective dance/fitness journeys. Within the first six months of your membership, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with someone from the Rae management team to discuss your goals and create a roadmap to outline your journey with us. Member’s are allotted a consultation appointment within the first six months of their membership. Consultations can be scheduled through our portal on Calendly. 


Group Class Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend class, you can "Early Cancel" on our website, via the MindBody app, or you can call (415) 484-3451 or email the studio at Cancellations must be made 3 hours in advance.  Cancellation for Livestream classes must be made at least 1 hour before the livestream class.  Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged $5 per class with the first late or no-show cancellation waived.  Please be mindful of late cancellations or no-shows as spots are limited and classes are prepared in advance. No class credits, refunds, or extensions will be given for any no-shows or unused days/months.


Pausing Membership:

We understand that life can get hectic at times. Students that wish to pause their membership are allowed to do so for up to six months in a calendar year. Memberships can only be suspended on a monthly increments (minimum 30 days) and must be submitted ahead of your next scheduled auto payment with a 5-10 day notice.  If you would like to take class while your membership is suspended, you will need to purchase a single ticket or any available class package until your membership resumes.  


Membership Termination:

Terminations of the Monthly Unlimited Memberships must be made after the initial six-month commitment. All termination and suspension requests must be sent to the RAE management team or Rae Studios Gmail ( Cancellation requests must be made 15 days before the date of the next scheduled auto payment. Termination prior to 6-month term fulfillment will be subjected to a $150 Early Termination Fee. All sales final. No class credits, refunds, or extensions will be given for any no-shows or unused days/months.

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Not ready for a monthly commitment, but still want to enjoy unlimited class access? Try our 5-Class Package. No monthly contract. Access for up to five classes on our weekl

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