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Gail "G-Funk" Burks is a Bay Area-based performing artist and educator who hails from Chicago. A lover of dance who has studied multiple styles, Waacking is one of her main specialties. Since entering the Bay Area street dance scene in 2012, Gail has learned from various pioneers and leaders in addition to traveling to connect with other communities. She has performed, battled, choreographed, and taught in the States and internationally along with placing in competitions such as Freestyle Session LA and Hualien B-Boy City. Gail has experience behind-the-scenes as an organizer as well such as being one of the lead coordinators for Mix’d Ingrdnts’ Waackers of the Galaxy jam in 2016. Her other credits include Bae Rooted Waacking Committee, EXP Dance Crew workshop instructor at UC Berkeley, All the Way Live Taiwan 2019, Mix'd Ingrdnts, and many more!

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