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Trained to inspire, to uplift, and grace the world with her angelic presence, Ashley Worley has restored a great energy that seemed to be lost at one point in her life, her Love for DANCE.

Born and raised in the central valley (Fresno, CA) Ashley began her dance career at the age of eight years old.

Growing up Ashley was always captain/co-captain of her schools cheerleading teams and competed in national competitions. The growth of Ashley's dance career began as she studied and became well versed in genres such as ballet, tap dancing, and hip-hop.

Ashley's classes are geared towards all levels of dancers. The purpose is to unify, and liberate not only women but all individuals from self-doubt while empowering and building confidence in all aspects of life. These classes are here to push and help with growth. While also feeling sexy, and having fun, and learning proper heel technique. Also, becoming one with your body, building self-worth and confidence all through dance.

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