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Jazz Funk / K-Pop

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Ki To is a full time dancer, choreographer, and model working all over the Bay Area and SoCal. Ki To has danced for corporations such as GAP, WAYMO, and Genentech — and has modeled for major commercials featuring BENEFIT Cosmetics, EM Cosmetics, and was the face for K-Swiss x McLaren’s collaboration.

As a dancer his emphasis is Choreo, Jazz Funk, K-Pop and Waacking. He currently has a strong grip on the K-Pop scene, and teaches at RAE Studios, City Dance, and CY Danceworks. When he isn’t teaching, he is working in beauty, commercials, or backup dancing for artists/corporations.

Ki To is currently apart of IN2THESAGE which is an upcoming trendy K-Pop crew that does both covers and original choreography to K-pop tracks and is represented by RAE Agency as both a model / dance talent.

Past Clients:
Dance - GAP, Google / WAYMO, Son Tung M-TP, Genentech

Model - BENEFIT Cosmetics, EM Cosmetics, K-Swiss x McLaren, GMARO magazine, SHUBA magazine, and more.

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