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Namaad Jackson is a performer, choreographer, educator and mentor whose background, training, passion and its underlying culture extends over 15 years. In 2008, Jackson found Kaution Dance Kru which is also known as "KDK" and serves as it Chief Executive Director. KDK is an equal opportunity professional dance company that provides guidance, education and training to inspire other energetic dancers. Since starting Kaution Jackson was able to branch and start a youth division of the company in 2012 called Khaotic Dane Kru which ranges from the ages 12-18 years old. In 2014, under Jackson's direction and leadership he branch KDK to Las Vegas to open his very own dance studio called Studio KDK with starting Kaution and Khaotic Dance Kru Las Vegas. KDKLV actively performs around the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Jackson's work has been showcased in various cities and states such as New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey, California, Canada, Boston, Houston, Utah, and several venues, including World of Dance, Prelude, DC's Cherry Blossom Festival, Prelude, National Dance Day, Intersection Festival, CSN, Cashman Center, and many more.

During his career Namaad has artistically and creatively dance and directed many dance companies and troupes such as Dcypher Dance, TeamWwGonMakeIt, Culture Shock DC (CSDC), and Culture Shock Las Vegas (CSLV) where he was able to travel, performed, and Teach internationally. Recently Namaad had audition for Cirque Du Soleil which is one of the Largest production companies in the world and recently resigned as Artistic Programs Director for Dixie Arts Conservatory where he manages and oversaw all studio operations and programs. As of now Namaad Currently dances with Str8Jacket Dance Company who premiered on NBC's TV series World of Dance. Namaad See's dance as a positive force and a medium to tell stories, discuss issues and inspire others. He is very proud of his accomplishments and is very passionate about his life as a professional career as a dancer, choreographer, and educator. He encourages others to recognize their passion and always follow their hearts and dreams.

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