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Heels / Jazz Funk

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Coming from her home town Sonoma, CA, Peyton Crawford is a passionate dancer who wants to share her love for dance with the world. Peyton has always been told by her family that she was dancing before she could even walk, always following the rhythm of music and the ongoing rhythm that plays in her head. She comes from a long history in the pageant world, since the age of two months, and has been on stage ever since. She has choreographed numerous routines within the industry and directed pieces. Not only has Peyton had a pageant history background, she had been attending dance conventions and classes since the age of five. She was the dance intern at her middle school and proceeded to gain experience in dancing and choreographing on her high school's dance team.

While attending Sonoma State University, Peyton had experienced numerous showcases and pieces with different processes. She has taken choreography classes all over California and gained experience in numerous styles such as hip hop, jazz, jazz-funk, heels, improv, line-dancing, and more.

When she’s not dancing she is working with horses and designing clothes for her line, Kiki. This young lady aspires to be a professional dancer and model for artists and brands. With her journey at Rae Studios she hopes to give her fellow dancers a space where they can feel comfortable and grow as individuals. A place of honor and celebration to life. Come join her in class!

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