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Soho (He/Him) was born in Monterey, CA. Growing up a military brat, he moved around a lot which made his mother enroll him into dance classes to help find friends. From there his love of dance grew. Trained in hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, some ballet, house & vogue. He used his versatility in different styles of dance, to book his very first professional gig in NYC during fashion week with designer Balmain. He also danced behind the Backstreet Boys for the intermission/ending performance for that same runway show. Casted on season 3 (2022) of HBO Max hit series Legendary (Competitive Vogue/dance competition) as the house father for “ The Royal House of LaBeija”. Danced in LGBTQ Pride campaign with Facebook/Meta featuring the house of LaBeija. His dance goals and aspirations are to travel the world and inspire those who cannot inspire themselves through movement and feeling.

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