Beginner Hip Hop, Intermediate Hip Hop, Zumba (August 2018 – Current)

Kevin Wong, from San Francisco, California, is a recent Dance Major and Education minor graduate from the University of California, Riverside. He has been dancing for sixteen-years in Chinese Folk with the Flying Angels Chinese Dance Company.  In high school, he was introduced to modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop by Wendy Jones, founder of the Lowell Dance Company. During his college years, he directed Collective Faction Hip Hop Dance Team, performed in the Gluck Contemporary Dance Ensemble, and supported many of the UCR Dance productions. In addition to his performing body, Kevin has trained his dancing body in modern, ballet, hip hop, West African, Capoeira Angola, improvisation, and breaking.

Most of his classes focus on building and developing three elements of a dancer: choreographing, performing, and improvising. Kevin hopes to continue his artistic practice of experimenting and researching dance by asking questions, reflecting on different approaches, and offering time and space for others to explore.


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