Ballet / Modern (Horton Technique)

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Kimberly had a 12-year career with the San Francisco Ballet (2009-2021) before transitioning to her

current role as a freelancing performing artist, dance instructor, ballet teacher, creative director, model,
and actress. Originally from New York, New York she was a long-time student at Ballet Hispánico
(1994-2006) where she trained in multiple dance forms including Flamenco, Horton, and Salsa. Kimberly
performed with Ballet Hispanico’s Student Ensemble from the age of 11, in which she experienced her
first tour with the company performing at the Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center in
Washington D.C. Kimberly trained at Studio Maestro (2004-2006) before attending San Francisco
Ballet School in 2007 becoming a Trainee in 2008-2009. Kimberly credits much of her ballet
development to her coach Charla Genn (2006-2021). Her modeling career began at the age of fifteen.