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A professional ballet dancer, teacher, and creative collaborator Kimberly’s career in the performing arts is extensive. With a 12-year dance career with the San Francisco Ballet (2009-2021) and guest performances nationwide with a background of multiple dance forms including Flamenco, Salsa, and Modern dance. Originally from New York, New York she was a long-time student at Ballet Hispánico (1994-2006) and performed in their Student Ensemble from age 11. Kimberly briefly trained at Studio Maestro (2004-2006) before attending San Francisco Ballet School in 2007 becoming a Trainee in 2008-2009. Kimberly has been coached under Charla Genn (2006-2021).

Kimberly is a dance teacher specializing in Ballet with students from adults to intermediate-advanced youth. She began her teaching studies at a very young age due to the scholarship student assistance agreement she had at her dance school. As an adult she’s learned to assess a student’s needs and deliver different ways of learning techniques. Her background includes re-staging repertoire for adults at San Francisco Ballet’s Adult Summer Workshops, virtual classes for an open audience, and young intermediate students at various established dance schools across the nation.

Her independent modeling career began at the age of fifteen in New York City’s commercial and dance scene. Kim became a signed model at STARS Management in 2017. In recent years, Kimberly has appeared as an interactive speaker for events, academic schools, and dance schools.