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Intermediate Hip Hop

  • Youtube - Jessica Rae
  • Instagram - Mariel Aquino
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Mariel is a Chicago-born 23-year-old that has loved dancing and expression her whole life. She got her start experimenting with choreography with friends in high school, then went on to dance competitive hip hop at Cal. Finding great joy in creating and communicating with groups, she went on to choreograph for various competition and exhibition teams in the Berkeley Dance Community. She's been active in the Chicago and Berkeley hip hop dance scenes and trains in LA when able. In terms of choreography, Mariel draws inspiration from commercial and lyrical hip hop, as well as R&B and 90s grooves. Outside of this, she is currently training in ballet to push her artistic discipline, technique, and athleticism. Ultimately, she aims to offer a class that is not only great exercise, but a safe space to practice creative expression, making mistakes, and enjoying the process!

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