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On behalf of Rae Studios, we want to thank all who came out to support our Second Performance Workshop Showcase. Let’s throw up some 👏👏👏 for our 40 performers who dedicated time and energy over the previous few weeks to prepare for this show. Everyone's energy and support echoed in the club and we are so blessed to have a wonderful community like ours.


We had 6 instructors lead a workshop series with a batch of eager students that culminated in this show. The night was full of surprises as we got to share the stage with veteran and first-time performers. We also had some guest artists join our community to share in the evening of giving and art. Huge shout out to the team at Origin Nightclub for opening up their doors for our event.


Thank you again to the amazing cast and crew. Be the first to learn about our next Performance Workshop by signing up on our Mindbody page here. Rehearsals are tentatively starting in October and will continue up to the show. The show is tentatively early December.

Please email us your receipt once you have made the purchase. We will follow-up with a download link.


On-Demand Dance Jam.png

We are proud to announce that Rae Studios x Grokker have teamed up to drop pre-recorded cardio dance videos.

Our first batch of teachers are here featuring Lexi Nutkiewwicz with Cardio Hip Hop and Jessica Rae with Cardio Pop. There are different class formats from learning simplified popular dance moves ranging from 10min and 30min cardio dance sessions.

Join us in the all new Grokker program

*Note: The Grokker On-Demand Program is only available through our partnered site and is not included with our Monthly Unlimited Membership. 

Dance Jam! Pop & Hip-Hop Cardio Dance

When “Working Out” feels like work, dance instructors Jessica Rae & Lexi Nutkiewicz are here to show you how much fun you can really have working out in Dance Jam! Set to powerful and energetic tracks, anyone can jump in to learn a few moves, burn calories, and have a blast. Pop lessons are taught by Jess and Hip Hop is taught by Lexi, with different lengths to fit your busy schedule! Get the amazing cardio impact of dancing and the mental health benefits of letting loose – it's time to dance!

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