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Natalie | 7:45 PM - 8:55 PM | Beg/Int

About Heels

Class Description:

The history of dancing in heels goes back to the early 20th century, However, the teaching of the art of Heels was popularized around the globe in the early 21st century by artists such as Aisha Francis, Danielle Polanco, and Yannis Marshall.  Heels is a choreographed dance class for beginner/intermediate students utilizing any type of high-heeled shoes, not necessarily character heels.  This class combines styles of dance from jazz, street jazz, hip hop or commercial dance. In this class, you will begin with a warm up focusing on strengthening the ankles, glutes, hips and core finished with a short technique portion. This class heavily focuses on learning technique and choreography.

Suggested Footwear:

Heels with strong ankle support

Suggested Experience Needed:

6 Months of beginner heels or related classes

Related Classes:

Heels Technique, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Jumps and Turns


If it is your first time in heels it is suggested to wear a shorter & thicker based heel to start and work your way to a skinner heel.   We suggest at least 6 months of training in related classes before jumping into a heels class.

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Meet Natalie

Instagram: @natsklov

Natalie was born and raised in San Francisco and began her dance journey at age 4 attending Genesis Ballroom Dance Studio. She continued ballroom dancing until age 12 where she switched to Jazz and Hip Hop dance styles. While attending UC Davis, she was a member of Agape Dance Team, where she choreographed performances, helped lead practices, and taught dance workshops. Upon graduating, Natalie was a member of Str8jacket dance team. She is passionate about creating a welcoming dance environment for all students, regardless of their experience level and focuses on emphasizing technique and performance in her classes.

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