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Hip-Hop: Choreo

Tashi | 5:30 PM - 6:25 PM | Beginner

About Hip-Hop: Choreo

Class Description:

Hip-Hop dance consists of Breaking (commercially known as Breakdancing) and Hip-Hop Party Moves (e.g., Bart Simpson, Biz Markie, Roger Rabbit, Running Man) and Hip-Hop is an artistic and cultural movement that started in the 1970s in The Bronx of New York City by Black and Latiné youth who expressed joy through Hip-Hop during a time of oppression.  In this class students will focus on A beginner-friendly Hip-Hop dance combo that will help with choreography rentions and movement quality.  This course is a prerequisite requirement for many of our intermediate/advanced classes. Prepare to take this class for at least 6-8 weeks before advancing to the next class.

Suggested Footwear:


Suggested Experience Needed:

No experience required.

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Meet Tashi

Instagram: @tashitheeterminator_

Tashi Cowan is a dancer and teacher who has diverse experience in multiple forms of performance arts.

A Marin County native, she received her first formal lesson in hip-hop at ten years old and has been hooked on dance ever since. She continued her dance education while studying for an Associate Degree in Dance Performance at College of Marin and performed in the 2010 dance productions ‘Signatures of Motion’ and ‘Dance Upon a Song’.

Tashi was recognized by the College of Marin Foundation with the Saragay Stetson Dance Scholarship, a competitive award recognizing outstanding talent within the department. She also has had musical theatre training performing with the Stapleton Theatre Company’s Rendition of “Fame” where she received the Rookie Award.

A graduate of San Francisco State University, she studied abroad in London, England and was a member of the Kingston Cougars Latin Dance Team from 2017-2018, which ranked 2nd and 3rd place for Best Latin Style Dance.

In 2015 she became certified a Zumba instructor and has taught classes at Energy Dance and Fitness in San Rafael, Bay Club, San Francisco and Marin County and Mt. Tam Racquet Club. She continues to train at Mood Studio, Rae Studios, and SF ODC Dance Commons in Heels Technique, Hip Hop and Jazz Funk.

She is constantly learning and growing as a dancer and a person and believes that to dance and being able bodied is a blessing.

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