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Jazz Funk

Ki To | 6:30 PM - 7:40 PM | Int/Adv

About Jazz Funk

Class Description:

Jazz Funk dance, a super-set of Jazz and influenced by the Hip Hop dance style. This style of dance is usually fast-paced pointed gestures and quick movements.  In this class, you are expected to have basic knowledge of jazz foundations while learning quick pace combos emphasizing on feminism and intricate movements.

Suggested Footwear:


Suggested Experience Needed:

1-2 years of experience months recommended

Related Classes:

Contemporary, Jazz Funk, Pop Jam, Reggaeton, K-Pop, Bollywood Funk, Waacking


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Meet Ki To

Instagram: @kito_0709 | @kitthetiger

YouTube: @kito_0709  

Ki To is a full time dancer, choreographer, and model working all over the Bay Area and SoCal. Ki To has danced for corporations such as GAP, WAYMO, and Genentech — and has modeled for major commercials featuring BENEFIT Cosmetics, EM Cosmetics, and was the face for K-Swiss x McLaren’s collaboration.

As a dancer his emphasis is Choreo, Jazz Funk, K-Pop and Waacking. He currently has a strong grip on the K-Pop scene, and teaches at RAE Studios, City Dance, and CY Danceworks. When he isn’t teaching, he is working in beauty, commercials, or backup dancing for artists/corporations.

Ki To is currently apart of IN2THESAGE which is an upcoming trendy K-Pop crew that does both covers and original choreography to K-pop tracks and is represented by RAE Agency as both a model / dance talent.

Past Clients:

Dance - GAP, Google / WAYMO, Son Tung M-TP, Genentech

Model - BENEFIT Cosmetics, EM Cosmetics, K-Swiss x McLaren, GMARO magazine, SHUBA magazine, and more.

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