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Phoebe | 12:15 PM - 1:25 PM | All Levels

About K-Pop

Class Description:

K-pop, short for Korean popular music, is a form of popular music originating in South Korea as part of South Korean culture. It includes styles and genres from around the world, such as pop, hip hop, R&B, experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, disco, and classical on top of its traditional Korean music roots. Originally known as 'Gayo' in Korea, modern K-pop "idol" culture began in the 1990s. Our KPOP instructors will either highlight other KPOP choreographers reteaching combos from various music videos or create their own choreographed influences from various styles of dance.  Students should expect to learn fun combos and increase their performance quality.

Suggested Footwear:


Suggested Experience Needed:

No prior dance experience recommended

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Meet Phoebe

Instagram: @phoeebeezdance

Phoebe (she/her) is a San Francisco native that started her passion for dance when she first took ballet classes at the age of seven. Along with ballet, she continued her training with jazz and hip hop at various dance studios such as Geary Dance Center and Shan Yee Poon. While attending high school, she was a member of the GWHS Dance Company where she choreographed for their annual dance concert and helped lead practices. She also began listening to Kpop and found it as inspiration for her to learn the dances and make dance covers. In addition, she joined SF Funkanometry’s youth team Funksters and danced with the Strong Pulse Dance Crew at City College of San Francisco as well. In 2017, Phoebe began teaching at Studio 505 for three years and  taught K-Pop choreography to all ages and even hip-hop to kids. She hopes to gain more skills and experiences and eventually open her own dance studio in the future. When Phoebe isn’t dancing, you can find her baking at home for her friends and family or at her full-time job as an Office and Experience Coordinator in downtown San Francisco. Along with Rae Studios, you can also find her teaching at VRV3 Studios. Check out @phoeebeez to see updates on what she’ll be teaching 

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