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Lexi | 6:30 PM - 7:40 PM | Beginner

About Waacking

Class Description:
Waacking/Whacking, which originated from the style Punking, began in LA gay clubs during the 1970s where queer men of color found a place to fully express and be themselves. Drawing inspiration from visual art such as classic Hollywood films and cartoons, Waacking/Whacking is characterized by arm movements, posing, storytelling, musicality, and freedom of self-expression. In this class you will learn the foundations and techniques through drills, freestyle exercises, and choreography!

Suggested Footwear:

Suggested Experience Needed:
No prior dance experience recommended

Related Classes:
Jazz Funk, Pop Jam, K-Pop, Bollywood Funk, Hip-Hop

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Meet Lexi

Instagram: @lexinut7 | @thedancingnut | @mtm_thepod

YouTube:  @heyitslexxayy

Lexi (she/her) is a New Jersey-born, California-raised dancer and choreographer with over 10 years of teaching and professional dance experience. Lexi’s passion for Hip-Hop began when she took her first Popping class at 7 years old. While she was heavily involved in soccer throughout childhood, she stopped playing at age 15 to focus on dance, choreographing for her dance team, attending master workshops in Los Angeles (Movement Lifestyle and Millenium Dance Complex), and teaching part-time youth and adult classes. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied Psychology and Dance and became heavily involved with the university’s street dance crew, VeRVE Collisionz. As captain of VeRVE, she helped organize the largest street dance competition in Colorado, acted as the creative director and choreographer, and kept up the team morale. After graduating in 2018, she moved to the Bay Area and joined Str8jacket Dance Company and currently serves as the Outreach Coordinator. With Str8jacket, she’s performed at several community events (Seoul Train, UNNIE, Presidio Picnic, San Mateo County Fair, Concert for Change), dance competitions (World of Dance, Prelude, VeRVE Collisionz), and events (BET Experience, ASAP Natin ‘To Bay Area, Adobe for All Conference, SF International Hip-Hop Dance Fest). She currently trains in Hip-Hop, House, Whacking/Waacking, Locking, and Popping.

She began teaching virtual Hip-Hop classes at Rae Studios during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In 2021, she co-founded Rae Studios’ professional development program called More Than Movement, which that aims to provide opportunities for Rae Studios’ instructors and staff to grow their teaching skills, social advocacy, and knowledge of dance history and culture through community building, education, and anti-racism work. She is also represented by Rae Agency and is the co-instructor of Grokker’s Dance Jam program, the platform’s first dance program.

Lexi is grateful for all of the training and performance opportunities, and looks forward to continuing her professional career in dance. Her goal as a teacher is to educate her students about Hip-Hop history and culture and create an inclusive and positive environment for her students to grow as dancers.

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