San Francisco | Oakland | San Jose Team Bonding Corporate Wellness Dance and Exercise Classes



Option 1: Private Group Class
Enjoy a private group session with your team. This package is great for employee engagement and team bonding. Simply email us the type of classes, dates, and times to begin scheduling this experience. Find the full list of classes here.

PACKAGE  1:  $175  (UP TO 10-PPL)
PACKAGE 2: $350 (UP TO 25-PPL
PACKAGE 3: $650 (UP TO 50-PPL)

Option 2: Public Class Credits

Credits are a great way for companies to distribute business perks with flexibility. This option is great for people who need flexibility in their gym schedule. Each credit is good for 1 online group class offered insidetheRaeVirtualStudios. Thecorporaterateis purchased as one transaction, and can distributed to your group. A booking reservation code will be given to the host to share amongst team to enjoy class. We offer 50+ classes per week. Full Schedule here.

$450  =  30 CREDITS  ($15/ per class)
$800  =  65 CREDITS  ($13/ per class)

$1,500 = 125 CREDITS  ($12/ per class)

Option 3: Combination Package

(Combo Package includes Private Group Sessions + Credits)
A popular package for most businesses. We understand that companies want to provide healthy team bonding experiences with the acknowledgement that employee's are working from home. Team bonding and flexibility are a priority. A popular option is a weekly lunch or early evening group class with credits. This is a customized offer

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San Francisco | Oakland | San Jose Team Bonding Corporate Wellness Yoga and Cardio Dance Classes


Are you looking to set up a fun team bonding experience for your company, but not sure what's best? Send us a message with what kind of lessons you are interested in and we will find you the perfect instructor to fit your schedule.

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