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Welcome new and returning students.  Rae Studios is an adult dance studio that combines classes to encourage and strengthen a dancer's fundamentals along with strength and flexibility training. With a variety of classes offered, we appeal to students whose goals range from gaining fitness stamina, dancing in high-intensity cardio dance, to dance technique training.  We offer 45+ classes, 30+ instructors, open 7 days a week and with classes available for all levels.  Please defer to your MindBody app or the Class Schedule when looking for specific class levels.  


This page is designed to help you move swiftly through your first experience at Rae Studios. We understand that your dance and fitness journey can come with its own set of questions and new beginnings and we hope that this page can offer guidance during your upcoming classes.   


Now let’s get started.  Please fill out this survey so that we can get a better understanding of your dance/fitness goal.  (Est time: 2 mins)



This form is required to better assist our new students.  Our team will have access to this form to better understand your movement history and goals to students looking for class consultation.   Students are welcome to call for questions regarding classes/memberships during our office during office hours, M-F 9AM - 5PM with studio hours M-F 5pm - 9:30pm and weekends 10am - 2pm.  To schedule a 15 min appointment for a New Student Consultation, please visit our Calendly for an appointment.  



Tips for preparing your dance bag, wardrobe and footwear for classes.  Our studio does not require specific wardrobe.  However, we do offer wardrobe suggestions to better assist your movement experience.  The most important factor is feeling comfortable and being able to move in the clothes without restriction.   Each class will also recommend specific footwear.  When reserving a class on MindBody, you will find "Suggested Footwear" per class.  Here are some items to consider when attending a class at Rae Studios.

Suggested items for your dance bag?

  • Reusable bottled water (Refillable water stations are available in each lobby)

  • Sweat towel

  • Electrolytes, protein shake/bar

  • Extra dance clothes/socks if you plan on taking multiple classes

  • Snacks/Book if you plan on arriving early or waiting between classes

  • Footwear (check MindBody "Suggested Footwear" per class). Footwear can include, socks, closed toe sneakers, foot-paws, ballroom heels, heels, etc.  Various footwear per class)

  • Knee Pads, joint support if needed, i.e. wrist brace, ankle/knee brace support etc.  If you have a previous injury or body sensitive, please forewarn your instructor prior to class to allow for modified movement. 


Suggested Wardrobe per class category

  • Yoga/Barre/Pilates

    • Nicely fit clothing like leggings, stretchy pants, T-Shirt, Tanks

    • Loose fit clothing for breath like shorts

    • Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes are usually done barefoot or with grip socks

    • Fitted wardrobe is suggested so that the instructor can help with alignment

  • Fitness

    • ​Fitted stretchy workout attire, sports bra, tank, shorts, leggings

    • Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes are usually done barefoot

    • Fitness classes are usually done with closed toes sneakers

    • Additional recommendations:  Sweat towel

  • Cardio Dance

    • Loose fit clothing to let the body breathe like shorts, sweats, leggings, t-shirts, tanks, and long sleeve shirts

    • Closed-toe sneakers recommended

  • Dance Technique/Choreography classes

    • Ballet

      • Fitted clothes to see the shape of the body

      • Ballet slippers or socks are recommended

    • Hip Hop

      • Loose fitted clothes and layers

      • Sneakers you can jump and spin in

    • Contemporary

      • Loose fitted clothing and skin covered to protect the body when doing floor work and slides

      • Slippers, foot undies, socks, or barefoot

    • Jazz

      • Fitted clothes to see the shape of the body

      • Jazz shoes, socks, or barefoot




Founded in 2011, Rae Studios is a dance & fitness center, overlooking San Francisco's Union Square. The studio is located on the 7th floor of the Native Sons of Golden West building, a historic preservation and organization founded in 1875. With wall-to-wall mirrors, high ceilings, stretch bars, state-of-the-art sound system and diverse in-house dance & fitness instructors, available for group, corporate and one-on-one training.


Besides Group Classes, we also offer Corporate Lessons for team building, private lessonswedding lessons and studio rentals.  For further inquiries, click here.​




What’s the difference between Livestream and In-Studio on your sign-up page?

Livestream classes are currently held during the holidays or specialty classes.  Livestream group classes are held virtually via ZOOM. Students tune in on their own devices. In-Studio classes are group classes held in our physical studio. Livestream classes will take place during our modified holiday schedules.


How do I sign up for a class?

Go to and find the class you are interested in. Select the sign up button on the right-hand side and follow the prompts to sign in. If it is your first time, please create a Mindbody profile.


I’ve signed up for an IN-STUDIO class, what should I expect now?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Limited metered street parking is available. You can also park at a nearby garage. The cheapest nearby garage is under Union Square Plaza. We are accessible via public transportation as well. Upon arrival, buzz “705 Rae Studios” on the intercom to the right of the entrance. Here is a video reference for what to expect when entering the studio. 

I’ve signed up for a LIVESTREAM class, what should I expect now?  (*Note, these are currently held optional for teachers during the holidays.  Modified in-studio classes available too and announced closer to each holiday)


Get your space ready for class! A studio host will send you an email about 10 minutes before class begins with the ZOOM link. Look for an email from (check your junk/spam folder too). Here are some tips for a successful ZOOM class:


  • Make sure to log onto Wi-Fi for clear video streaming.

  • Create a Zoom account ( *if you are new to Zoom

    • You can either download Zoom app on your laptop or the app on your phone  (Note:  There are 2 versions of the app for the phone and that they both work)

  • Prepare your Devices for class setup:

    • Set up your device so that you can see the teacher

    • Set up your device to a speaker or to your headsets

    • Turn your mic on to MUTE when the class starts so that it doesn’t interfere with the instructor's microphone.

  • Please prepare your room for your dance or workout class.  These classes are between 30-50mins:

  • Please refer to your MindBody for any props or class additional notes

  • Clear room to move & shake!

  • You may notice that our hosts are recording the ZOOM sessions. Know that we are mainly recording our instructor's screen, if you do not feel comfortable with recording over ZOOM, feel free to leave your cameras off for the duration of the class.


Who do I contact for help?


Questions about passes, Mindbody account issues, contracts, etc.

Studio Manager:

Host Team:  |  (415) 484-3451 (text or call)


Please rate this page.  Was this page helpful?  Is there anything else you would like to see contributed here?  Comments welcome here.

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