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Spotlight: Bachata Master Class featuring Bryon & Sam, Creators of Inessence Dance Company

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Virtual Spotlight:  Inessence Directors Sammantha and Bryon

Written: By Jessica Rae

Friday July 24th, 2020

We are so proud to bring back our veteran instructors Bryon Stroud and Sammantha Arias. We've had the pleasure of having these two talented individuals start their teaching career inside Rae Studios when we first opened our doors. It's been 10 year's and we are still at it. It's been great pleasure watching Bryon and Sam travel the world, win competitive dance competitions and build their dance company from scratch. You can find Bryon and Sam teaching weekly virtual classes through their organization, Inessence Dance Company.

Spotlight: Bachata Footwork Inessence Directors Sammantha and Bryon

Inessence dance co. Directors Bryon and Sammantha have been teaching and performing bachata all over the world for over 10 years.


Bachata Footwork: This is an all levels class. The workshop will cover and break down body movement and musicality for Bachata. You will also learn a fun footwork combo.

Spotlight Artists: Sammantha Arias and Bryon Stroud Class Date: Saturday August 8th, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST

Location: Virtual Zoom Studio (V2)

Ticket Price: $15 / Single | $18 / Househol.d (Multiple-People)

*No Equipment Needed. Ballroom Shoes suggested


Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Look back in the past: Bryon and Sam 2012 inside the old Rae Studios

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

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The Bachata Master Class featuring Bryon & Sam from Inessence Dance Company shines a spotlight on the captivating world of dance, echoing the connection and community spirit found in video chat rooms and platforms like Chatrandom. Just as Chatrandom effortlessly connects people across the globe, allowing for instant communication and the sharing of diverse cultures through webcams, the master class offers dancers and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to connect with the rhythms and soul of bachata. This dance event transcends physical boundaries, much like Chatrandom's virtual space, by uniting individuals with a common passion for dance. Participants can immerse themselves in learning intricate footwork and expressive movements directly from the creators of Inessence Dance Company, fostering a sense of community…

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