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Burlesque Workshop Series w/ Jessica Rae

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


We asked Jessica to write her past experience with teaching this Burlesque Workshop Series. See her response below!


1. What were your initial thoughts as you completed this workshop? How do you feel as the instructor/host?

It's always a great feeling to see the transition of dancers from start to finish, the end result is always so exciting, costumes, makeup, choreography and most of all watching students shine with confidence!

2. What did you do/teach differently in this workshop in comparison to your other classes?

In this workshop, I started in a circle checking in with everyone mentally as COVID has affected everyone differently. I asked what people were looking to get out of this workshop and started the course with the requested material. Gaining confidence by teaching struts, posing, eye contact and performance. It was great to see everyone ready and eager to get into practice with energetic attitudes.

3. What was your most enjoyable moment?

My favorite studio moments are always the small things, side comments listening to students cheer each other on, watching fellow students assisting others with wardrobe/makeup, and the expressions of students nailing their choreography. It's all the in-between moments that are my big wins as a teacher.

4. What are you hoping to share with your students who missed this experience?

Every workshop is special and is based with the people in the room. I hope to emphasise how "group workshops" become more then a dance class, it's built around choreography but most importantly designed to create an experience to remember. In this case, phrases that you will take home for a lifetime. "S CURVE, Pivot Turn, Chest Up, Yassss Queen".


3-Day BURLESQUE PROGRAM: 10/21, 10/28, 11/4

Join us for a 3 week Burlesque series with Jessica Rae. We will be learning and breakdown down a high energy sexy performance to the Burlesque anthem, "Lady Marlamade".

About this Event Join us for a 3-week Burlesque series with Jessica. Learn the choreography to the sexy "Lady Marlamade". This workshop will include "The Art of the Tease" learning power struts, confidence, capture your go-too camera pose & complimentary angles, facial expressions, how to delivery a killer performance (regardless of skill level), nail those hair flips like it's an effortless Sunday morning, how to integrate props and getting in touch with your body and sensual movement.

In this class you will learn: Week 1: Walking and Poses Technique + Section 1 of Choreography Week 2: Signature Combinations + Section 2 of Choreography Week 3: Clean and Block Choreography then FILM

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artist: Jessica Rae

Dates: Wednesdays October 21st, 28th, + November 4th

Time: 7:30-9:00 PM PT

Type of Class: Burlesque

Tickets: $150 In Studio Full Workshop / $99 Livestream Full Workshop

Wardrobe to Class & Props to Purchase before 10/21/20:

  • Wear all black dance attire

  • Bring black boots (Knee high or ankle boots ok)

  • Wear tights or hot shorts to class

  • Sports bra/ fitted top. We will use the mid-corset to put over wardrobe

  • Bring sneakers and boots

  • Corsets to order: CLICK HERE

  • Gloves to order: CLICK HERE

BELOW: Previous Burlesque Workshops:


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