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Support Rae Studios: Donations Page

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for taking the moment to see how you can directly support Rae Studios during this time. We understand everyone's financial struggle, so we wanted to be considerate of what we ask. During the first week of Shelter-in-Place, we received numerous calls and emails from our community asking for ways to support. We wanted to be very specific on what we ask before releasing a donations page.

While we understand that all artists are struggling, we wanted to build an operations system that directly supports job opportunities for artists and instructors to continue teaching on an on-going basis during the duration of this time. We believe that if we can continue employing our core operations team that we can better manage and ensure job consistently to support the artists and build a reliable system that our community and customers can trust. The best way of supporting us is by taking class and sharing your story. We specifically priced our group classes at $8/per class to be considerate of everyone's financial situation. Our instructors and studio make a 50/50 split on all current group class offerings. If you want to make a larger offer to the studio, you are welcome to use the GoFundMe donation link. If you'd like to make a donation to a specific instructor, please stay tuned as we will market a ticket page for all our instructors Venmo handle accounts.

Here are some ways to further help our continued efforts to run Rae Studios:

1. Make a donations: or donate directly to instructors below!

2. Volunteer your time, email:

3. Testimonials: Write a Yelp Review, MindBody review and/or share your written or selfie video to: 4. The best way to help: Take a class & share your story RSVP: Click Here

*Grant Providers, PR, Media Support - please contact:


- Kemari Harris (Hot Choreo), Cashapp - $MariGang

- Namaad Jackson (Hip Hop)

Here's our Progress & Mission:

  • Week 1: "Test Week" Monday, March 16th we launched 35 classes hiring 22 of our existing teachers, employing 4 core management members, and taking on 1 volunteer.

  • Week 2: "First Official Week" March 23rd we launched 66 online classes with 30 teachers. Over 95% of these teachers are from our regular class schedule. 5% of instructors were newly added to the platform. We are currently continuing to employ our 4 managers, and now have 3 volunteers that have graciously reached out to help and support our mission.

  • Week 3: "Forecasting" In week 3 we hope to use the data in reservations from the previous weeks to better understand "what works" and build a regular weekly group class schedule to give our students a sense regularity, as they continue to find a new daily pattern. Additionally, we will feature new service categories: "The Wellness Edition: Cooking + Facial Therapy, Online Corporate Packages, and a Kids Program".

  • Continued Weeks & Overall Objective: Our main objective is to find a sustainable online system that directly supports job opportunities for our artists while promoting social distancing by teaching from home. Currently, our artists and studio receive a 50/50 split of all profits earned through Online Group Classes. This is our first service that we've launched. We hope to provide the following in the next few weeks. Private lessons, Team Bonding experiences, Wellness and Educational programs, and we hope to launch new ideas for the Talent Agency, Rae Model and Talent Agency.

General Studio Info:

Rae Studios is Now Live Streaming 60+ Classes featuring a variety of movements: Yoga, Fitness, Cardio Dance, and Choreography! Live Streaming allows us to hear and see our favorite teacher, as if you are inside a dance studio. We currently feature 28 instructors on the schedule. 90% of our teachers are existing teachers to our roster and are local to the Bay Area. The other 10% are veteran teachers who now live across the country, internationally, or a first time guest featured teacher. All levels are welcomed. There's a class for everyone from all levels, absolute beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Our mission is to continue providing our teachers and artists job opportunities while staying connected to our community through wellness. Read more:

Recent Press:

Review the recent article from New York reporter, Polina Marinova, as she share's "In Times of COVID-19, Fitness Entrepreneur Says Creativity Is More Important Than Ever" - Jessica Rae, owns a fitness and dance studio in downtown San Francisco.

This is her story. Read the full article inside The Profile:

​Customer Service Line Available:​ (415) 484-3451

Additional Information:

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