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"RESPONSE: MOVE CLEARER" A Heels & Artistic Development Intensive w/ Gina Bahr

Updated: Nov 19, 2020


We asked Gina about her experiences teaching this intensive. Check out some of her responses below!

What were your initial thoughts as you completed this workshop? How do you feel as the instructor/host?

I honestly don't think it could have gone better! The students seemed very happy and I felt like I accomplished what I set out to do.

What did you do/teach differently in this workshop in comparison to your other classes?

In regular classes, I typically don't have time to touch on more abstract ideas regarding dance-which I think is an important dynamic for students to understand in order to become better artists and better dancers.

What was your most enjoyable moment?

My most enjoyable moment was watching the students fully embody their freestyle. On the second day, the students had reached a point of confidence where they were able to feel comfortable dancing and freestyling in their own skin as we went across the floor.

What are you hoping to share with your students who missed this experience?

I want all students to know that they are entitled to feeling empowered in their own body and empowered to express their own ideas through dance as well.

Link to dropbox folder for image/videos from the workshop


Looking for a high-quality heels solo video, personalized feedback, and an opportunity to expand dance technique and artistic expression? Join Gina in her intimate All Levels Heels Intensive.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14th-15th, 2020 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm PT

RESPONSE is a 2 day, 8hr intensive that is dedicated to honing technical skills and clarifying artistic intention. Over the course of the intensive, we will go over the basics of ballet, jazz, heels technique, and the fundamentals of freestyle. We will also focus on diversifying movement vocabulary and exploring where you move from as an artist. Technical skills are developed and honed as a means to foster and expand the dancers own unique style and creative expression not just as a dancer but as an artist. As intention is as important as technique--we will navigate how the two work together in order to develop your distinct movement style and expression.

Learn more about the intensive from Gina


Day 1:

  • 1:00pm Introductions & ice breakers

  • 1:20pm Warm up

  • 1:30pm Ballet & jazz fundamentals (conditioning)

  • 2:15pm Heels technique & heels vocabulary

  • 3:00pm Break

  • 3:15pm Learn choreo for solo

  • 4:15pm Freestyle: contemporary/modern movement scales

  • 4:45pm End day with group bonding exercise

Day 2:

  • 1:00pm Warm up

  • 1:10pm Ballet & jazz fundamentals (conditioning)

  • 1:30pm Heels technique & heels vocabulary

  • 2:15pm Freestyle: contemporary/modern movement scales

  • 3:15pm Break

  • 3:20pm Retouch on choreo for solo

  • 3:45pm Begin solo videos

  • 4:45pm End day with group bonding exercise

PERKS: All participants will receive a personal 15 minute zoom session with Gina after the intensive where we will go over strengths and weaknesses and what steps Gina suggests taking next in order to maximize growth.

What to bring: Students should bring water, heels, socks, multiple masks (ideally not cotton), and knee pads

About Gina

Gina graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Dance and is eager to share her knowledge of movement with other students. She began her dance journey 4+ years ago and loves exploring new movement forms. In addition to a degree in dance, Gina is also a heels instructor and certified yoga instructor. 

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artist: Gina Bahr

Date / Time: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14th-15th, 2020 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm PT | "RESPONSE: MOVE CLEARER" A Heels & Artistic Development Intensive w/ Gina Bahr

Tickets: $150 Full Intensive

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