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Glowing and Growing with Ashley Worley




We asked Ashley Worley about her experiences with teaching this intensive. See her responses here!

What are you initial thought as you completed this workshop?  How do you feel as the instructor/host?

I feel so grateful to be able to share my gifts and help transform individuals. Starting from the inside out, transforming the mind and it translating through movements. I feel like there’s so much more i can and what to do in the Bay Area dance community but i have to pace myself lol. Overall grateful to all the students who received me and my challenge.  What did you do/teach differently in this workshop in comparison to your weekly classes at Rae?

In this workshop i was able sit with each student and set intentions. This way when a challenging move came before them, they were able to reset their frustrations with their intent on why they are dancing.

Facial exercises each student had a partner and they were able to face them with no dance movements just moving their face to practice their facials during dancing. Across the floor techniques such as walks, lines, and control to strengthen fundamentals which is so important in learning heels choreography. 3.  What was your most enjoyable moment? Most enjoyable moment was hearing all the ladies intentions and also seen them perform the choreography with so much confidence and joy in their faces 

4. What are you hoping to share with your students who missed this experience? It was more than just a workshop it was a chance to transform your thoughts to become confident and expressive within your movements. I try to relay that message throughout all my classes.  Check out these images / videos


Give a gift of love to yourself this February with Ashley's one day heels intensive on growth mindset, fundamentals, and choreography. The purpose of this intensive is to unify, and liberate not only women but all individuals from self-doubt while empowering and building confidence in all aspects of life. Ashley is here to push and help with growth. You will learn tips with feeling sexy, having fun, and learning proper heel technique. Also, becoming one with your body, building self-worth and confidence all through dance and motivational speaking.

Intensive Details:

Spotlight Artist: ASHLEY WORLEY

Dates / Times:

February 29th, 2020 | 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

  • Growth Mindset

  • Heels Fundamentals

  • Heels Choreography

  • Filming

Tickets: $125 Early Bird (capped at 10) | $135 Drop-in

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