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Mother's Day Special w/ Jessica Rae

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

in celebration of Mother's Day, Rae Studios Owner Jessica Rae and her Mother Elsie McAteer are hosting a COMPLIMENTARY "Stretch and Dance" Class.

Written: May 4th 2020

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or register on MindBody

"Take time to make your soul happy”

Thank you for your unconditional love and support! Bring your moms for a complimentary "Stretch and Dance" class hosted by our very own Mother / Daughter duo! All levels welcome! Take some time to move and groove with your loved ones.

Jessica Rae is the owner and director of Rae Model & Talent Agency LLC and Rae Studios, a local dance and fitness studio located in San Francisco's Union Square.   Jessica's teaching dance background and certifications include Cardio Dance, Cize Live, Pound Pro, Kickboxing, and Barre along with various styles of dance choreography. 



First off, a huge Thank you to those who were able to attend class this past Sunday.  I had such a great time spending this time with you.  We had families uniting all around the world.  Just a wonderful feeling to be a part of, so Thank you.

After this class I'm spending some time on perfecting a playlist to include popular tracks including disco, funk, and other fun classics.  If you'd like to contribute to my playlist please see my 

Spotify here.  Feel free to share any classic's you'd like me to add.  I'll be creating all new choreography and fun connect that's relatable and enjoyable for family friendly gatherings!  I'm not sure of the title of class yet, but it will be something along white lines of Connecting Families through Dance and Movement.

I would LOVE to have your feedback here and continue offering a service that directly connects people to their families.  

Here's our full weekly schedule in case you'd like to explore other class options.

THANK YOU, Happy Dancing!

Workshop Details:

Spotlight Artist: Jessica Rae & Elsie McAteer

Date / Time: Sunday May 10th, 10:00 AM PT | Stretch & Dance w/ Jessica and Elsie

Tickets: FREE

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or register on MindBody

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or register on MindBody
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