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RECAP | Rae Studios 13th Anniversary Celebration 🎉🥳

Updated: Feb 27

Now that's what we call a Rae Crew party! ❤️

A huge thank you to everyone that came out for 13th Anniversary Party. Last night was filled with so much joy, music and great food. We're continuously grateful for the support from our students, staff, instructors, friends and family and look forward to making many more memories with you all. Check out videos and photos from Sunday's event below. Full pictures and videos here.


Happy 13th Anniversary Rae Studios!

Please join us, as we celebrate the 13th Anniversary of Rae Studios and Rae Agency on Thursday, February 15th. We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that has continued to support us throughout the years. We wouldn't be here without all the amazing students and incredible instructors that have stepped foot through these doors, sharing their craft and passion with everyone. With the many ups and downs throughout the years Throughout the 13 years, we experienced many ups and downs. From the opening of  a small rehearsal space to the expansion of our second studio, the closing of our doors during the pandemic to re-opening our doors, and sharing hugs and laughter again; we are forever grateful for each and every person within our passionate community that we got to share and continue to share these moments with. 

Cheers to the thirteen years of dance, community, and growth. We are excited for even more joy and laughter on your dance and fitness journey. 

Come help us celebrate throughout our regular weekly Wednesday classes. To celebrate, please run down memory lane and tag us on a favorite moment with your time at Rae Studios. Tag @raestudiossf, the teacher at that time, and any members with you in the post. We can't wait to revisit these moments with you.

A note from our CEO, Jessica Rae,

Dear Rae Community,

It is an honor to work, sweat and dance alongside you. A big Thank you to our veteran community members who've stuck by our side throughout the hardest of times. To our students who are no longer able to train inside the studio, it is always a blessing to see you in passing, a visit into the space or a simple hello on socials. It is always a joyful moment reflecting on our dance memories. To our new members, A warm welcome and a Thank You for stepping into our doors and trusting us with your dance journey. To my Teachers, Hosts and Studio Manager, this business wouldn't be here without your on-going support, your daily care and your dedication to this family. Everyday, I walk into this space and smile hearing the conversations between the students, hosts and teachers. It's never a stale moment. I love walking past the studio on an evening hearing the screams from the windows and truly feel grateful for being a part of a community that I love and adore. Thank you for filling my heart with every lasting gratitude.

Cheers to our big 13. Onward with more years to come! Happy Anniversary to everyone who's been a part of this journey. Cheers to dance and to family! 🎉

From the Rae Studio Team,

With so much gratitude a big Thank you from the Rae Management for the continued support! 

Now, let's celebrate!
Please mark your calendar and join us next Sunday, February 25th 2024 for an evening of celebration!  6pm - 8pm. Register here.


Check out these photos of Rae Studios over the years!


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