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PAST | 2020 Vision Entrepreneur Workshop w/ CEO Jessica Rae

Updated: Mar 27, 2020


Hello Fam!

Cheers to a successful first Vision Board, Entrepreneur Workshop. We spend a solid two-hours with creative thinking, writing and crafting. We are so happy to finally explore our first workshop with this team of people. Please feel free to share any feedback or the copy of your final vision board! Here are some behind the scenes to our workshop.

We Thank you for your time and energy,

Rae Management

Next Business Strategy & Planning

Entrepreneur Workshop is HERE!

Date: 2/23/20 1pm -3pm in S3

Tickets available on MindBody


About the Workshop - 1/27/20

Vision Board 2020

A workshop on creating & manifesting a vision board that drives real impact.

We are proud to announce our FIRST round of Entrepreneur workshops in our new Studio 3 "Creative Lab". Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone that has a lot of creative ideas? Do you ever feel so inspired but overwhelmed with no where to start? Here’s one of Jessica's first Entrepreneur workshops focused on Writing and Vision Board exercises all geared towards helping creatives narrow down ideas and implement items into a structured accountable system. Let's go #2020! #CREATIVELAB @raestudiossf

Workshop Details:

Hosted By: Rae Model & Talent Agency & Rae Studios CEO, Jessica Rae.

Date / Time: Sunday, January 26th | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Tickets: $20 Prepay | $25 at the Door (Limited Seating)

Ticket Reservations: CLICK HERE or purchase on your MindBody App

Homework Details:

Items to bring to the workshop:

1. Related Magazines or Internet Search the following:

Think travel, hobbies, popular culture, outdoor activities, health/wellness, self care, leaders/role models, etc.

2. Notebook / Calendar:

Please bring a writing notebook for our writing exercise activities.

3. Pens/ Highlighters: (Optional)

4. Laptop: Optional

5. Favorite book or current book you are reading:

If you don't have one that you are reading, grab any book available. I will have books for back up.

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