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Spring 2024 Class Schedule🎉

Updated: Apr 24

Thank you Rae Studios community for an amazing winter season and start to the year.

As we move into our new season we hope to cultivate more relationships between our students and teachers and continue to offer a supportive and safe environment for those on their dance journeys. Here's to the Spring season! 🎉

Introducing our Spring 2024 schedule starting April 1st featuring two locations, Rae Studios + UN Plaza, over 50+ classes and 35+ instructors offering classes daily! With such a fantastic start to the year we're thrilled to be bringing you some new class offerings and intro some new instructors in the Spring. Rae Studios is proud to offer a home to dancers of all levels and all economic backgrounds. With the addition of free classes at UN Plaza, we're excited to make dance and fitness accessible to the bay area and our community.

A big Thank you to our past instructors who will no longer be teaching at Rae Studios. We at Rae Studios always value our instructors and honor their growth as they continue to transition in life. For veteran and new teachers starting April 1st 2024, we are excited to start another season celebrating and highlighting your craft. Let's continue to support our local teachers this year by showing up ready to create new and memorable experiences. Just a reminder, every little action goes a long way. Bring a friend to class, write a testimonial, share your experience on your social channel or just tell an instructor about your gratitude. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Rae Studios is here to build, educate and create.

Now, let's welcome to our Spring 2024 Instructor Roster! ❤


In-Studio Class Schedule | Effective Apr. 1st - Jun. 30th


UN Plaza Class Schedule | Effective April. 1st - Jun 30th



Lily Price (she/her)

K-Pop [Beginner] (at UN Plaza)

Mondays, 6:00pm

Raised in the Peninsula and now based in San Francisco, Lily (she/her) first developed an interest in K-Pop in high school and began teaching herself choreographies from videos for fun. She continued to expand on her new interest while briefly taking classes and performing with a group at Purdance Studio in San Jose. A couple years later, she founded and led her university's K-Pop dance team Colorado College K-Dance (CCKD), which performed at school events, held workshops, and filmed video covers to popular songs. She also regularly danced in Colorado College's bi-annual Dance Workshop production. Since graduating, Lily has been taking more dance classes and making covers for her account @lilylfprice. She is eager to continue trying out new dance styles and continuing to grow as a dancer with her crew IN2THESAGE (@in2_thesage).


Simran Suri

BollyX [All Levels] (at UN Plaza)

Wednesdays, 6:00pm

A passionate Bollywood enthusiast and dance aficionado, Simran brings the vibrant spirit of India to the dance floor. Growing up amidst the colorful beats of Bollywood tunes in India, dance became the rhythm of her life from an early age. Fueled by her love for movement and expression, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the art of dance.

With a desire to share her passion with the world, Simran became a certified BollyX instructor. Having recently made her way to the dynamic cultural hub of San Francisco, Simran found herself drawn to its diverse tapestry. Here, amidst the bustling cityscape, she discovered a new home where she could seamlessly integrate her academic pursuits with her love for dance.

As a talented instructor, Simran orchestrates vibrant and inclusive classes, where students not only groove to the pulse of Bollywood but also forge connections and a sense of belonging. Her classes are a celebration of cultural fusion, movement, and above all, joy!


Malvika Raj

Bollywood Fusion [Beg/Int]

Saturdays, 12:15pm

It only takes talking to Malvika for a few minutes to find out just how much she loves dance. Her dance journey began at the age of 4 when she began learning Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form from South India. From there her love for dance grew exponentially and she went on to expand her dance repertoire in college. Malvika danced competitively with Cornell Big Red Raas and Cornell Bhangra, earning numerous placings along the way. Additionally, she helped found Cornell Anjali, a classical Indian dance group that aimed to spread awareness about the classical arts of India.




In-Studio Classes at Rae Studios

Outdoor Classes at UN Plaza Fitness Court


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